England Athletics launches new PB Awards programme

England Athletics was delighted to announce the launch of its new PB Awards programme at its recent U20, U17, and U15 age-group championships in Sheffield.

England Athletics remains committed to retaining and growing the number of athletes involved in the sport and ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable environment which recognises and rewards achievement at every level.

The PB Awards Programme has been created in partnership with the Amateur Athletics Association (AAA) and builds on the work established in the previously existing AAA’s Graded Awards Scheme.

How does the new PB Awards Programme fit into the sport?

The PB Awards Programme is aimed at clubs and community providers supporting athletes from under 13 through to senior age groups. In addition to the PB Awards, England Athletics will continue our work with the English Schools Athletics Association (ESAA) and Sportshall Athletics in promoting their awards to the relevant audience.

What are the PB Awards?

The PB Awards are a series of awards across nine levels of progression per age group. Each level is a celebration of an athlete reaching their new ‘personal best’ in all track and field events. There are different award tables for every athletics event including combined events, for each age group, for both male and female athletes.

Who are they for?

The PB Awards are for everyone. They have been developed to provide progressive steps to help athletes move through the sport from club development level through to national level and beyond.

Through the expanded programme, we can celebrate and recognise everyone’s personal achievements. A new series of Para Awards will be launched later in 2023, providing reward and recognition and a fully inclusive awards programme offer. The first of its kind for athletics in the UK. There is also an Awards Programme which has been developed specifically aimed at the participation market, 5k, 10k, half marathons and marathons, called the ‘Pathfinder Awards’.

How have the Awards been developed?

The awards have been developed using a combination of the AAAs grades, combined with using World Athletics points progressions, the Power of 10 rankings, and logical standard progressions, to make the simplest possible pathway, which is accessible to all.  These Awards were then reviewed by a group of leading experts in each event group. This year (2023), will be used as a pilot year and at the end of this year, the tables will be reviewed as part of the wider programme to see if any adjustments are required.

What do athletes get?

When an athlete achieves any level of the PB Awards they can purchase a certificate which recognises this achievement. Further rewards will then be developed to offer for future years.

Isabel Dalton with a PB Awards certificate

Where can I purchase a PB Awards Certificate?

Clubs and competition providers can purchase packs of certificates to reward at competitions and events, via the via the England Athletics MarketingHub. Competition providers can sell the PB Awards at their competitions, helping to recognise and reward every athlete’s achievement. Clubs can reward every athlete at their club awards night with the inclusion of the PB Awards.

How much does a PB Award Certificate cost?

The certificates will cost £1.50 per certificate at England Athletics competition events. Clubs and competition providers can purchase these certificates at a reduced rate, to help generate additional income for the clubs and for competition development.

What types of Awards are there?

Athletes can achieve PB Awards for each individual event, for each age group. In addition, athletes can also achieve triathlon and quadrathlon awards.

Pathfinder Award

The England Athletics Pathfinder Awards have been developed to help celebrate everyone reaching a personal milestone in their running, whether it be a 5K or 10K fun run, a parkrun or marathon. Running faster and reaching new heights is something everyone should be proud of, so why not celebrate and share this achievement through the Pathfinder Awards.

Where can I purchase a Pathfinder Awards Certificate?

The Pathfinder Awards Certificates can be purchased in packs by event and competition providers or RunTogether Groups via the England Athletics MarketingHub. Competition and event providers can sell the Pathfinder Awards Certificates at their events, helping recognise and reward every person’s achievement. Run Together can reward every athlete at their awards night with the inclusion of the Pathfinder Awards.

How much does Pathfinder Award Certificate Cost?

The recommended sales price is £1.50 per certificate. RunTogether groups, competition and event providers can purchase these certificates at a reduced rate, to help generate additional income to the group and competition /event development.