England Athletics joins forces with SiS Endurance Sports Nutrition in groundbreaking marathon programme

England Athletics is delighted to announce its partnership with SiS Endurance Sports Nutrition, marking a collaboration in the pursuit of excellence.

This alliance is set to propel our Marathon Programme to new heights, benefiting athletes and reinforcing England's commitment to nurturing and supporting top-tier talent. The partnership between England Athletics and SiS Endurance Sports Nutrition aims to optimise the performance and well-being of athletes involved in the Marathon Programme.

SiS, renowned for its expertise in endurance nutrition, will provide cutting-edge nutritional support to enhance athletes' training and competition capabilities. The partnership will not only empower elite runners but also extend its benefits to the broader running community.

Jessie Knight hurdling in England Athletics Kukri kit

Chris Jones, CEO of England Athletics, expressed his enthusiasm about this ground-breaking partnership, stating,

"We are thrilled to partner with SiS Endurance Sports Nutrition across England Athletics and especially across our Marathon Programme. This collaboration signifies a major step forward in our mission to create an environment that nurtures exceptional talent and fuels high performance. SiS's expertise and commitment to innovation align perfectly with our vision, and we look forward to the transformative impact this partnership will have on our athletes."

Distance running demands peak physical fitness and endurance, making optimal nutrition a critical factor in an athlete's success. Adequate fuelling and hydration, along with the correct balance of nutrients, can significantly impact performance and recovery.

SiS Endurance Sports Nutrition has garnered international recognition for its research-driven approach, creating products tailored specifically for endurance athletes.

Sam Driver, SiS Commercial Director Performance Solutions commented:

"This is a fantastic partnership for our business. It rapidly expedites our scientific pursuits to innately understand the endurance runner and how best to optimise their fuelling strategies. We hope through this partnership we will be able to provide a performance advantage to England Athletics athletes and also fuel our innovation pipeline to create the worlds best products for an endurance running audience. This partnership demonstrates SiS standing and stature in the industry and we are delighted to be chosen by England Athletics to partner on this venture."

By integrating SiS's expert nutritional strategies into our Marathon Programme, England Athletics aims to maximise the potential of our athletes.

England Athletics National Endurance Manager (Off Track) Tom Craggs said:

"Through our partnership with SiS, we're fuelling the future of marathon running, embracing innovation and empowering athletes to reach new heights. Together with SiS, we are poised to achieve remarkable milestones in the world of running."

The partnership between England Athletics and SiS is a win for athletes at all levels. The partnership also extends its benefits to athletes beyond the elite tier, providing valuable insights and educational resources to the wider running community.

By aligning with SiS, England Athletics demonstrates its commitment to the overall development of athletes, fostering a culture of excellence, and inspiring the next generation of runners.

The collaboration will contribute to the creation of a comprehensive ecosystem that promotes success through a holistic approach, encompassing training, nutrition, and mental resilience.

The exchange of knowledge and expertise between the two organisations will undoubtedly enhance the athletic landscape for better athletic performance.

Quotes about SiS from Jessie Knight and Samantha Harrison
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