England Athletics announces new recovery drink partner

England Athletics is delighted to welcome Enhanced RecoveryTM as our new exclusive recovery drink partner.

Enhanced RecoveryTM is a scientific breakthrough in recovery – it uniquely combines the well-known benefits of the highest quality stabilised, non-oxidised Omega 3 fatty acids with other naturally occurring food based proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates (from fruit juice), antioxidants and carnitine. These act to immediately stimulate and support the process of muscle recovery and repair while providing a perfect platform for improved athletic performance and general wellbeing.

Enhanced RecoveryTM is batch tested and approved by Informed-Sport, guaranteeing that it contains no banned substances, and also conforms to the latest nutritional advice from the International Olympic Committee.

All runners and athletes, regardless of their personal ability or level of activity, need to allow their bodies to properly rest, repair and recover after each hard training session and event to reduce muscle damage and soreness, perform at their best and generally improve their level of wellbeing. Without proper rest, recovery and nutrition – muscle conditioning, athletic performance and overall health will all suffer.

Enhanced RecoveryTM is specifically formulated to aid a more complete recovery process and was developed over many years of research and effort by Norwegian-based food technician, Janne Sande Mathisen. The result is a breakthrough – a great tasting and enjoyable fruit juice drink which not only maximises the efficacy of each individual ingredient but also combines them in a way that enables them to work synergistically to even greater effect.

Harry Drnec, the CEO of Enhanced RecoveryTM, said: “We are excited to be associated with England Athletics and we look forward to working with them to initiate several very innovative programs. The first of which will involve a large scale sampling and performance trial with a number of registered athletes to measure their performance and fitness before and after trialling Enhanced RecoveryTM. We will also be providing details and confirming an offer to affiliated clubs and their registered members where we will make a direct financial contribution to a club when any of their members take advantage of the special discounts which we will be offering to England Athletics registered athletes when buying our drinks.”

Chris Jones, CEO of England Athletics, said: “We’re very pleased to welcome Enhanced RecoveryTM as a new partner. We are looking forward to working with them to offer the recovery benefits currently enjoyed by a number of our elite athletes to the many members of England Athletics affiliated clubs and helping them improve their recovery and performance.”

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