England Athletics announces 2023/24 Youth Talent Pathway cohort

England Athletics is pleased to announce the cohort of athletes on its Youth Talent Programme for 2023/24.

The Youth Talent Programme is the first key step on the England Athletics talent pathway, the purpose of which is to identify, develop, and support athletes and para-athletes from aged 16+ who have the potential to represent England and Great Britain at domestic and international competitions in the future.

The talent pathway is tailored to meet the specific developmental, educational, and employability needs of the athletes and para-athletes to help them reach their full potential, both inside and outside of the sport.

This year for the first time, the talent programme has equivalent standards for para athletes so selection can be done in an equitable way where disabled and non-disabled athletes are considered against their relevant performance standards.

Sarah Benson, Head of Talent Development at England Athletics, said:

“We would like to offer our huge congratulations to all the athletes and para-athletes who have been selected along with their coaches onto our inclusive Youth Talent Programme. At England Athletics, we are making it our mission to connect and support developing athletes and para-athletes along their journey towards success, both inside and outside of the sport. We know that helping to enhance the education and opportunities for our athletes and para-athletes whilst at the same time nurturing their sporting ability at each stage of their development is a huge positive step towards them reaching their full potential.”

Alan Richardson, Youth Talent Programme Manager at England Athletics, said:

“The Youth Talent Programme is the start point of the England Athletics Talent Pathway and a big congratulations to all those athletes and coaches who have been selected to the programme this year. Each year the programme grows in strength and is a great opportunity for the development of skills in the technical, physical, and lifestyle areas that will support their journey throughout the pathway. We know that the athletes at this stage of development require support for athlete, coach, and parents and the Youth Talent Programme aims to support all three components of the support network.”

England Athletics works closely with its official kit partner Kukri, with the sports brand being a key supporter of the Youth Talent Programme, including parents and coaches having access to discounted Kukri Talent Programme kit.

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