Elite sport training guidance (updated 19 Nov)

British Athletics guidance on elite athlete training.

British Athletics has released an statement outlining its published guidance in relation to athletes who can receive an exemption to continue accessing training facilities during this second lockdown period in England – click here to read the statement. For those athletes not covered by any exemption, activity is still allowed outdoors on a 1:1 to basis.

England Athletics guidance on coaching U18s

The current government restrictions state that training can take place on a 1:1 basis. However, our recommendations are that Under 18 athletes are not coached alone by an adult. This welfare and safety guidance is still valid and while we recognise that it is very constraining we would ask that all adhere to it for what we hope is only the period up to early December. England Athletics and other sports have asked for dispensation to this rule for Under 18’s (providing social distancing is maintained) but we have not received that permission.

We are planning on updating all guidance as soon as we hear information from government as we approach December 2nd.