Day One - Senior and Under 20 Combined Events Championships plus U18 & Disability Open

The England Athletics Senior and Under 20 Combined Events Championships are all set for an exciting second day with Day One drawing to a close at Bedford.

There were also Under 18 and Disability events to enjoy.

Senior Women

Day one in the women’s senior championships was typically close with the on-paper pre-event favourites matching each other stride for stride and throw for throw.

Marilyn Nwawulor (Club: Harrow AC, Coach: Lloyd Cowan / Kaspars Kazema) was expected to start well given her 13.55 PB but in this instance it was the American, Swansea Harrier Chari Hawkins (Club: Swansea Harriers, Coach: Colin Bovell), double winner at the BUCS recently who flew to a 13.56 clocking, 0.01sec to the good over her Harrow rival.

That pretty much summed up how things were to pan out as Hawkins, currently UK-based, followed that with a 1.80 high jump, which was matched by Emma Nwofor (Club: Newham & Essex Beagles AC, Coach: Linford Christie). That kind of height is currently out of Nwawulor’s reach, but she stayed in touch thanks to her 1.65 clearance.

Hawkins then fired the shot out to 12.78 shot put, which in this instance Nwawulor responded to with to 12.38. With Nwofor reaching 12.10, it was beginning to look like these three would break away.

However, Diane Marie-Hardy (Club: Loughborough Students) clearly had other ideas thanks to her 12.75 effort. Combined with her 14,26 hurdles and 1.62 high jump, that meant she kept thing close going into the final event of Day 1, the 200m.

Perhaps it was no surprise given Hawkins’ solid collegiate background in the USA that she took the 200m in 24.44 to stretch her advantage slightly to a 137pt lead, but behind her there was some tremendous running. She may be out of the top three currently, but Marie-Hardy’s 24.64 suggests she’ll be competitive on the second day given she’s already clocked up two PBs.

Of course it won’t be easy. Nwawulor (24.77 in the 200) is a good long jumper and a decent 800m runner so she’ll take it to the wire, while Nwofor (25.21 in the 200), like her Harrow rival, can pepper the six-metre mark on the right day in the long jump.

And given the heptathlon’s notorious ability to produce the unexpected, Hawkins will know only too well that she may be leading, but there is more to come and the javelin in particular will be one she wants to navigate successfully! It’s far from over yet.

Here's how it looks after Day 1
1 Chari Hawkins (Swansea) 3671; 2 Emma Nwofor (Newham & Essex Beagles) 3534; 3 Marilyn Nwawulor (Harrow) 3429; 4 Diane Marie-Hardy (Loughborough Students) 3332; 5 Katie Garland (Brighton and Hove) 3325; 6 Ellen Barber (Yeovil Olympiads) 3112; 7 Suzzane Palmer (City of Sheffield and Dearne) 2912; 8 Beth Taylor (Rotherham) 2856; 9 Amy Richards (Orion) 2753; 10 Anna Forbes (Whitemoss) 2718; 11 Emma Canning (Edinburgh) 2708; 12 Georgia Pickles (Sale) 2598; 13 Katy Robinson (City of Sheffield and Dearne) 2564; 14 Charlotte Skeggs (Basildon) 2389; 15 Sophie Bronze (Gateshead Harriers) 2382; 16 Georgia Silcox (Yeovil Olympiads) 2259; 17 Sarah Connolly (Harrow) 2220; 18 Naomi Morgan (City of Derry Spartans) 2004; 19 Natalie Stainton (Scunthorpe and District) 1734; 20 Lea Wenger (Cambs Uni) 1708

Senior Women Hepthlon Day 1 Results (PDF 121kB)

Senior Men

The halfway point in a decathlon often has its own story to tell, more often than not complete with drama and superb performances. This was no different, the 2.07 high jump in particular grabbing much of the attention. But in the shadows almost one athlete quietly got on with the job in hand and found himself in the lead, not because of any one amazing performance but because of five solid outings.

Harry Kendall (Club: Tonbridge, Coach: Mike Corden) started the day relatively modestly with an 11.27 100m, the seventh fastest behind the 11.13 leading mark. Next up was a solid 6.96 long jump, not the longest leap but good enough to take the lead overall. The shot saw him keeping him in the frame as Kendal could only fire out to 11.94. His high jump of 1.95 then moved him back to second, although understandably Ryan Bonifas (Club: Basingstoke & Mid Hants, Coach: Rafer Joseph)) stole all the limelight thanks to his towering 2.07 clearance. So it was late when Turner lined up for what was to prove an important 49.41 clocking in the 400m. Again, it wasn’t the best of the day, but nonetheless he finds himself in the lead with 3808.

Behind him Aiden Davies (Club: Doncaster, Coach: Stan Stanislaus) is a close second and if the result card of day one is anything to go by, it could go either way. Davies was marginally quicker in the 100 (11.23), down in the long jump with 6.72, but well ahead of his rival in the shot thanks to his 13.43. It swung the other way when he could only clear 1.82, but his 49.15, the quickest of the day brought him right back into contention, just 50 points adrift. It’ll be close all day on Sunday although Kendal has an amazingly swift 1500m to call on if required. Also ominously close is Birchfield’s Benjamin Gregory (Aston Moore), just two points adrift of second, and he is one who will be looking to build on his Day One performances in the second day of action! This looks like it will be a great on to watch on Day Two.

Here’s how it looks after Day 1
1 Harry Kendal (Tonbridge) 3808; 2 Aiden Davies (Doncaster) 3758; 3 Benjamin Gregory (Birchfield) 3756; 4 Howard Bell (Edinburgh) 3750; 5 Michael Bowler (Birmingham Uni) 3726; 6 Elljott Thompson (Enfield) 3711; 7 Jack Hobson (City of Sheffield and Dearne) 3695; 8 Jake Storey (Harrow) 3693; 9 Lewis Church (Tombridge) 3676; 10 Jack Andrew (Sale) 3610; 11 Dominik Siedlackzek (Loughborough Students) 3548; 12 Tom Chandler (Central) 3466; 13 Laim Reveley (Blaydon) 3444; 14 Gavin Philips (Bristol and West) 3413; 15 Ben Clarke (Worcester) 3386; 16 Harry Hillman (Cardiff) 3376; 17 Adam Carpenter (WSHE) 3372; 18 Ryan Bonifas (BMH) 3342; 19 Deo Milandu (City of Sheffield) 3332; 20 Fionn Wright (Exeter) 3327; 21 Bradley Eisnor (Eastbourne Rovers) 3249; 22 SJ Chinery Edoo (Harrow) 3236; 23 Daniel Gregory (Oxford Uni) 3106; 24 Justin Tarrant (Crawley) 3057; 25 Alexander Clegg (Birmingham) 2996; 26 Glen Aspindle (Spenborough) 2861; 27 Joe Morris (Eastbourne Rovers) 2811; 28 Alexander Hookway (Tonbridge) 2797; 29 Matt Rushden (Dartford) 2791; 30 Jordan Mitchell (Sutton in Ashfield) 2742; 31 Tom Beckett (Gloucester) 2740; 32 Joshua Strudwick (BMH) 2719; 33 Michael Bartlett (Chelmsford) 2683; 34 Mark Andrews (Holland Sports) 2241; 35 William Carter (Pontefract) 2196; 36 Patrick McBride (Shrewsbury) 2135; 37 Joe McGrath (Basildon) 1879

Senior Men Decathlon Day 1 Results (PDF 115kB)

Under 20 Women

In the U20 women’s event, Jade O'Dowda (Club: Oxford City AC, Coach: Marcia Marriott) led the way thanks to a 14.33 hurdles, 1.71 high jump, 12.21 shot and 25.30 200. All good performances, especially given she has a strong long jump, javelin and 800m to come. Behind her, U18 Olivia Dobson Club: Exeter), has a fantastic championships record. She too put together a great opening day sequence of 14.82, 1.71, 13.34 and 26.71 with the U18 implements.

Here’s how it looks after Day 1:
1 Jade O’Dowda (Oxford City) 3333; Oliva Dobson (Exeter) 3219; 3 Grace Bower (Sale) 3109; 4 Emily Race (Worksop 3085); 5 Lauren Evans (Cardiff) 2868; 6 Venus Morgan (Kingston upon Hull) 2809; 7 Molly Newton-OBrien (City of York) 2807; 8 Cerys Lee (Taunton) 2553; 9 Tamlia Morton-Kemsley (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies) 2331; 10 Molly Stazicker (Wigan) 2169; 11 Recca Lister (Leeds) 2114; 12 Hannah Reed (Basingstoke and Mid Hants) 1860; 13 Karla Teece (Derby) 1711

U20 Women Heptathlon Day 1 Results (PDF 115kB)

Under 20 Men

Four event victories from the five on day one saw Caius Joseph (Club: Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC, Coach: Rafer Joseph) well on his way to defending his title. There were no apparently weaknesses for his opposition to exploit as he strung together 11.04 in the 100, 6.93 in the long jump, a 12.97 shot, 1.89 (not too far behind the 1.95 best mark of the day) in the high jump and a 49.10 for the final event of the day the 400m.

Impressively it appears this event may also double as a club champs as behind him Nicolas Gerome (Club: Basingstoke & Mid Hants) chased hard in every discipline. On another day Gerome’s 11.67, 6.81, 12.92, 1.92 and solid 50.50 would suffice but in Joseph, as he undoubtedly knows, he has a fierce rival already close to the top 20 ever in the event. Behind the two club mates, also going well with U18 implements is Jack Turner (Club: Exeter, Coach: Kevin Skinner) whose five disciplines of 11.36, 6.54, 12.57, 1.95 and 51.15 saw him have a great first day!

Here’s how it looks after Day 1
1 Caius Joseph (BMH) 3876; 2 Nicolas Gerome (BMH) 3671; 3 Jack Turner (Exeter, U18) 3650; 4 Daniel Ryan (HHH) 3634; 5 Joel McFarlane (Arbroath & District) 3585; 6 Robbie Farquhar (Aberdeen) 3389; 7 Jack Broadbent (Basildon) 3387; 8 Scott Brindley (North Ayrshire, U18) 3344; 9 Cal McLennan (Edinburgh) 3258; 10 Oliver Herring (Gateshead H) 3229; 11 Matthew Chandler (Central) 3160; 12 Nathan Langley (Doncaster) 3035; 13 Andrew McFarlane (Ross County) 2984; 14 Michael Thompson (Swansea) 2930; 15 Douglas Noel (Invicta EK) 2906; 16 Reuban Vaughan (Croydon) 2876; 17 Charlie Ashdown-Taylor (Bracknell) 2823; 18 Oscar Jopp (SNH) 2795; 19 Ollie Thorner (Yeovil O, U18) 2772; 20 Thomas Britt (Cardiff) 2659; 21 Malachie Gair (BMH) 2504; 22 Luke Sayer (Newark) 2405; 23 Fraser Kilsby (Wycombe Phoenix) 2226; 24 Joey Harrison (SNH) 1423

U20 Men Decathlon Day 1 Results (PDF 111kB)

Under 18 & Disability Open Events

There was some fine hurdling with Karl Johnson (Club: Newham & Essex Beagles, Coach Tony Jarrett) showing everyone how it should be done. He soloed a fabulous 53.12 personal best, great running in the swirling wind to eclipse the qualifying standard of 53.50 for the European Youth Champs in Hungary this July.

Not to be outdone in the qualifying times department, Marcia Sey (Club: Croydon, Coach: Lorna Boothe) clocked a nice looking 13.67 just ahead of Lucy-Jane Matthews (Club: Southampton, Coach: Andrew Fisher) also under the required mark with 13.74.

Bedford is always the home on some super sprinting and today was no exception as Conrad Will (Club: Oxford Uni, T13) nipped 0.01sec off his best with a 12.51. T46 James Arnott (Club: City of Portsmouth, Coach: Ryan Freckleton) looked very good as well, running 11.35, almost as fast as his Commonwealth silver medal winning run.