Data Protection, Confidentiality and Privacy

The laws and guidance on best practice around the areas of data protection, confidentiality and privacy regularly change. England Athletics has recently contacted clubs and member bodies to remind committee members and officers of their duties and obligations as they work to administer the sport in their area.

Laws have changed recently affecting the way personal data is protected and how the privacy of each and every individual is respected. That is why we have written to those involved in administering the sport at all levels to set out some simple reminders about how they can act in a fair, safe and legal way.

The guidance covers three main areas:

Confidentiality – defining what is confidential information and how it should be used and shared.
Data Protection – a reminder of what constitutes personal data, a refresher on the “GDPR” and the implications of not adhering to the law.
Defamation – an explanation of how laws around defamation can be relevant to gossip and other discussions within the sport.

England Athletics encourages everyone involved in a club, association or council committee to read the guidance:

Follow this link to view the letter in full

Follow this link for more information on General Data Protection Regulation