Crowdfunding success for Windsor Slough Eton and Hounslow Athletic Club

Windsor Slough Eton and Hounslow Athletic Club (WSEH AC) recently turned to Crowdfunder to revive their finances and facilitate the upgrades required to retain their TrackMark accreditation.

WSEH AC is one of many athletics clubs experiencing financial challenges and the funding is seen as a vital lifeline to help them bounce back from the pandemic. Their post COVID regeneration crowdfunding campaign is backed by Sir Mo Farah who spent his formative years at the club:

“I am known for the success that I have achieved on the track, but my journey to the top was a long one and one that had lots of steps along the way. One of those steps was with Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow and I am lucky that I was able to continue my progress with them.

“The club is now in need of funding to help maintain and improve their facilities which will allow them to continue to provide for the next generation of athletes. We want our young people to have every opportunity to succeed and so I would ask you to support them if you are able to. Thank you.”
Sir Mo Farah

The club recently achieved their initial target of £20,000 and are now on track to exceed their “stretch” target of £25,000 which will be invested into further improvement projects such as replacing worn throwing implements and broken hurdles. The crowdfunding income will supplement funds raised through donations from the WSEH AC Committee, a successful grant application to England Athletics, and a donation from the Thames Valley Athletics Centre (TVAC) management contractor.

The Eton-based athletics club strives to make the sport accessible to everyone in its catchment area through school and community projects, whilst providing quality coaching to developing athletes. The upgrade and replacement of facilities is necessary to continue to offer this full spectrum of services and to hold competitions at the TVAC which operated at a loss during the pandemic. Not only are competitions at the TVAC an essential income provider, but they also bring WSEH AC a level of kudos which attracts new talent and helps to retain existing members.

The crowdfunding campaign has proved to be a tremendous success and will benefit WSEH AC members, TVAC users and the wider community, with every penny raised being spent on improving the club’s facilities and equipment. Whilst many sports club face an uncertain future, WSEH AC is now well equipped to provide for the next generation of athletes.

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