Clubs invited to take part in the national Year 5/6 primary and Year 7 cross country final

Following a highly successful switch to Prestwold Hall near Loughborough in 2017, the national school Year 5/6/7 finals will again take place at the same venue on Saturday 24 March and as before will be free to enter. Teams last year came from all points of the country, stretching from North of the Tyne to Cornwall.

England Athletics are once more supporting the event which will again feature a 12 metre screen to showcase the live stream from the course. The whole event will be shown live across the world through a live stream on the internet which will certainly extend the big occasion feeling.

Club teams invited for 2018

This year the competition is being opened up to clubs who, as long as they don’t take athletes from any regional team, are invited to bring squads for the school Year 5/6/7 events.

Event director John Skevington commented, "With there being some areas who do not take part in the final I have had lots of requests from clubs wanting to bring teams and this year - now that the event is established - we have decided to extend the invitation. The only criteria is that they don’t cross over and take athletes from existing teams."

Stepping stone to English Schools' AA championships

The year 7 races have been very much welcomed as a stepping stone to for the next school year where many of the better athletes will be aiming for qualification for the English Schools' AA finals. It is hoped that this early taste of big event environment will serve well those looking to stay in the sport.