Club & Athlete Consultation 2019 – Progressing our sport

England Athletics’ vision as the membership and development body for grassroots athletics and running clubs in England is to make athletics and running the most popular and inclusive sport in the country. Our clubs, athletes and volunteers are at the heart of our sport, every decision, direction and investment we make is driven by and for our family. We support our 1,800 affiliated clubs (covering track and field, road running, fell, hill, trail and cross country clubs) and 181,000 registered athletes to prosper, and greatly value their opinions and feedback to help us grow and strengthen our sport.

As part of our continued commitment to consulting with our members, and building on the volunteer, coach and officials survey we ran in December last year, we have developed two surveys for athletes and clubs. To understand what they value most and how satisfied they are with the current level of service provided. This invaluable feedback will help inform our future strategy, to grow our sport and help to improve the programmes and services we provide.

Chris Jones, England Athletics Chief Executive, said:

‘All of the work we do is centred around our strategic priorities, helping to develop and grow our sport. It’s a united effort both within our organisation and with our clubs, athletes and volunteers.

‘Feedback from our family is crucial to help us continue to progress and move forwards, in the most focussed and informed way. By completing our short surveys, you are helping to shape the future of our sport, thank you in advance for your time and invaluable input.’

Before you start the survey, you might find it beneficial to read further information about England Athletics and our programmes, services and benefits.

Club & Athlete Surveys

As a current or recently affiliated club/ organisation or athlete, we would like to understand what you value most and how satisfied you are with the current level of service provided. The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete and your feedback will help inform our future strategy and improve the programmes and services we provide:

Complete our Club Survey

Complete our Athlete Survey

The closing date for responses to both surveys will be the 22 August 2019. Please share far and wide with fellow club members and athletes.

Thank you!