Christmas Advent Calendar – England Athletics style

We’re delighted to be sharing our first ever Christmas Advent Calendar with you. Filled with the latest content, exclusive offers and tips and advice, here’s how it’s going to work.

Each day, we’ll be opening a new advent door. You will be able to click on the door and see what’s hidden behind the ‘window’. Here’s a sneak preview of what you might find:

  • Course discounts
  • Partner stocking
  • Exclusive interviews
  • The latest strategy video

Video: England Athletics Advent Calendar. Watch on YouTube.

Each advent door has a direct link to Christmas whilst relating to something we do here at England Athletics. Whether it’s clubs, coaches, officials, athletes, competitions or funetics, RunTogether and The Personal Best Foundation, you can be sure we’ve left no stone unturned.

This isn’t something you’ll want to miss. Why not save our web page and check back each day to see what’s behind the next advent door?