Celebrate National Volunteer Week with two inspirational young leaders

This week marks National Volunteer Week, a chance to thank all the incredible volunteers of our sport for their vital contributions.

To celebrate, we caught up with two young volunteers who have been giving up their time  - alongside training as under 17 athletes - to support younger children at Amber Valley and Erewash Athletics Club (AVEAC). Jasmine Ellis and team mate Daisy Kaye originally started in track and field aged 8, as they both enjoyed running and were encouraged by friends and family to try out their local athletics club.

Let’s find out a little more about the two athletes, and the incredible volunteer work they are currently doing…

Already heavily involved in the club with both athletes training and competing in a range of sprints, jumps, and throws events, volunteering and giving something back came naturally, with both girls originally beginning their volunteer journeys as part of their Duke of Edinburgh's Award:

"I started volunteering because I was doing my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award and I decided that I would enjoy helping out the younger children at athletics. I already knew lots about athletics and each event as I attended the group when I was younger." Jasmine

"I chose to do my volunteering at AVEAC as I wanted to improve my leadership skills and help the younger athletes to improve. I intend to continue volunteering as I have really enjoyed it." Daisy

Jasmine and Daisy have both fully immersed themselves into volunteering and have enjoyed giving back and sharing knowledge with younger athletes, knowledge that they learned from their own coaches. Being able to support the young athletes and then watch them progress over time was especially rewarding.

Track and field is not just about getting faster, throwing further, or jumping higher, it is also about having fun and enjoying exercise with friends. For Jasmine, this was also one of the big highlights of volunteering at her club:

"I really enjoy interacting with the young athletes and allowing them to enjoy training even more."

Take your first steps as a volunteer

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at your local club or running group, there’s never a better time than the present! Here’s some advice from Jasmine and Daisy to help you to take that next step on your volunteering journey:

"Don’t be nervous about the first few times you volunteer as your confidence grows the more you do it and you will get a lot out of it for yourself, as well as supporting others." Daisy

"My advice would be to start volunteering because it is really enjoyable seeing the athletes improve and learn even more about athletics. Volunteering as a young person is extremely helpful to those who already work full time and/or give up their own free time to coach people, as it could benefit them and allow their training to be enhanced." Jasmine

Thank special volunteers

In celebration of National Volunteer Week, we would like you to say thank you to the special volunteers in your life, and your club. Whether you say thank you at your next session, online, or volunteer your own time to support them, our sport wouldn’t be what it is today without the valuable contributions of all the volunteers. From all at England Athletics, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU for your support. In the words of Daisy:

"Everyone involved in my athletics club is a volunteer, and I wouldn’t be able to train and compete without all of them doing the roles they do, so I would like to say thank you to all of them!"

Our new funetics Leaders’ certificate

If you feel inspired by Jasmine and Daisy’s story and would like to find out more about becoming a club volunteer and supporting young athletes, watch out for our brand new funetics Leaders’ certificate for anyone aged 14+, with courses available to book on to very soon. Click to find out more about funetics.


pictured top: Daisy Kaye left, Jasmine Ellis right