2022 School Games National Finals to take place in September

Last year we were pleased to see the return of the School GamesĀ  National Final following its postponement in 2020, due to the pandemic. The Games where again a massive success, with over 300 young people taking part at the games from athletics alone. We are pleased to report that the games will take place again this year in September, with athletics making up one of the 10 sports.

Since 2006, the School Games National Finals (formerly known as the UK School Games) have provided the perfect opportunity for young athletes (U17s) to experience a mini-Olympics, spectate other sporting events, stay in fantastic team accommodation and competing as part of a wider team.

The School Games has seen many of its athletes go on to achieve the highest sporting accolades and success on national and international stages. Inspirational athletes including Jonnie Peacock, Morgan Lake, Sammi Kinghorn, Maria Lyle and Hannah Cockroft.

British Athletics and the designated lead organisations in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are keen to provide a competition opportunity, which brings the best athletes together at a multi sports games and links with the Home Country Talent Pathways.

Last year athletics trialled a new revamped competition offer, which better met the needs of the sport by:

  • Providing increased numbers of athletes present at the games (increasing from 5 to 8 teams)
  • Selecting the best 8 athletes from across the UK, per event (male and female) and wherever possible, provides fair representation from the four home countries.
  • Providing 8 evenly balanced teams, giving a better team competition experience.
  • Linking directly with the Home Country Talent Pathway and Programmes.

This All-Star Team approach received a large amount of praise for the new competition format it provided and the way it engaged all the athletes and staff at the event and we are pleased to confirm the format will again be used in 2022.

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