10 ways to thank your volunteers

This June kicks off with National Volunteers’ Week from 1 - 7 June, so we’re encouraging people across the sport to thank our fantastic volunteers. It’s a great opportunity for all of us to showcase our volunteers and highlight how much they are valued. Here are just a few ideas on how you could thank yours… But, however you say ‘thank you’, remember to let us know how you have done it by using #YouMakeItHappen on social media, and look out for our ‘thank you’s throughout the month.

1 Get together this June

This can be as simple as popping along to your local pub or for something to eat after training or throwing a specific ‘thank you’ event at your club. Get together and socialise - make sure they know they are a valued part of the club or group!

2 Say ‘thank you’ in person and online

Simply say ‘thank you’ in person to the volunteers who support your club or group. You can also share a photo or video of yourself and your awesome volunteers on Social Media, along with a thank you message and encourage everyone else to do the same. Or film a video message to them. We’ll be looking out for messages if you tag us on Twitter (@englandathletic) and/ or use #youmakeithappen

3 Make them a cuppa

Say thanks with a simple cuppa and a biscuit; simple gestures can go a long way. A sign of an appreciated volunteer is people know how many sugars they have.

4 Get a ‘thank you’ shout out at an event

Have a quiet word with the announcer to get a much louder special mention for your volunteer at an event.

5 Send a thank you message

Once the event or training is over, and people have headed for home, send a text or direct message on social media to let them know you appreciated their efforts. It shows how valued they truly are!

6 Offer to help

Whether it is helping to set up or clear away, offering to cover for them when they are away or giving a hand with some admin, it’ a great way to show you value what they do.

7 Get everyone to sign a ‘Thank you’ card

Members in your group or club can write their own thank you message in a card, this is a nice personal touch from everyone who appreciates the work they do.

8 Thank them in the club newsletter if you have one

It is great to let people know what the athletes and runners have achieved, but we can celebrate the volunteers as well, whatever their role in the life of the club is.

9 Get a framed photo of them with the people they volunteer with

Whether it’s a photo of the team they manage, the runners they coach, the officials they volunteer with or the whole club, take a photo, including everyone who contributes as a volunteer, and get it framed for them.

10 Give them their favourite treat

If you know they’re partial to a cupcake, or their favourite chocolate bar of choice, a simple treat will be a lovely thank you to receive this June.

Time to get creative

No-one knows your volunteers like you do, so let us know your ideas and ways you’re thanking people this June. It was amazing to see the officials at the Highgate Harriers Night of the 10,000m PBs enjoying a sit down meal on the track between races. Such a fun and different way to say thanks. Let us know your ideas!


It’ll be great to know how how you are recognising your volunteers. Use the hashtag #YouMakeItHappen & find us:

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