Road running

Road running

Men's road relaysRoad running is one of the most popular and accessible sports in the world. England has always been at the forefront of road running and that is why it takes an important place within the work of England Athletics.

If you’re an endurance coach, a member of a road running club or organise local road races, you can benefit from our support programme for road running.

Charlotte Fisher is the England Athletics Road Running Coordinator:

Essential information on road running

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Getting involved in road running

The diversity of athletics is fully reflected in road running with participation ranging from elite athletes through to recreational runners. England Athletics works to cater for all types of road runner. Much of the provision of these services is done through clubs. These clubs have incredibel diversity and are able to provide appropriate advice, coaching, support and competition for a range of runners. If you are not already a member of a club we recommend that you join one. To find a club please go to

Once you are a member of a club you can become a registered athlete and will benefit from other advantages such as cheaper entry into road races. For more information for athletes click here.

To claim a minimum of £2 discount on entry in road races, compete for a club in open team competition and access other benefits you need to be a Registered Athlete who has been registered by your club with England Athletics. For more information on athlete registration please click here

Road running competition

For more information on England Athletics Championships, events held by partner organisations see

For details of England Athletics' road running competition programme please click here. The programme includes domestic competitions including national championships as well as development opportunities for athletes at international level. Details of more events will be announced as they become available. The programme looks to develop road runners as well as providing team management opportunities to enable new people to develop their team management skills at international events.

Flying Coach

Flying CoachThe Flying Coach programmes see the likes of former Chicago Marathon winner Paul Evans and World Champion coach John Anderson deployed out to local running clubs. The Flying Coach scheme has proved very popular with both athletes and coaches as it works to help both to develop. Clubs can work together to host the sessions where this is appropriate.  Flying Coach visits typically take place over a number of weeks to ensure that coaches maximise the development opportunities from them. To find out more please click here.

Coach development for endurance coaches

England Athletics has a mentoring structure to allow coaches of all levels to develop. We have a team specially dedicated to raising the standards of endurance coaching in England.   To find out details including how to get involved please see


RunTogether has been created as a brand that connects all the work England Athletics is doing to increase running participation in England, with a focus on running with others, as we know people who run with others are more likely to continue running. 

As shown below, RunTogether includes Groups (previously Run England), Routes and Schools (currently RUNWAY), as well as services that support runners, such as the Mental Health Ambassador programme and the Find a Guide database.

To find out more about RunTogether see

Groups being led by clubs, qualified leaders or coaches can be registered with RunTogether. They will then be recognised as Official RunTogether Groups and promoted through the RunTogether website at

Become a running group leader - Leadership in Running Fitness qualification

A special qualification exists to help people who want to lead running groups whether as part of a club, or in other situations. This qualification is called Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF). The course enables a leader to deliver fun and safe sessions to multi-ability groups and give advice and support to the new runner, as well as developing pathways for those who want to progress.  It focuses on understanding and overcoming barriers to participation in running and how to increase participation by those not traditionally attracted to a running club.  On completion of the course the attendee will be a qualified and insured leader and issued with a leader’s ID card.

Inclusion Policy and Guidance to Inclusive Practice for Race Organisers

England Athletics has produced an Inclusion Policy and a document giving Guidance to Inclusive Practice for Race Organisers.

The Inclusion Policy has been produced as part of England Athletics' commitment to ensure that athletes of all abilities are able to participate equitably within athletics. England Athletics will seek to develop a focus on inclusion, not exclusion, and ensure that it provides appropriate advice to affiliated members to ensure that disabled athletes can participate as fully as possible within athletics events. England Athletics will seek to ensure that it complies with the Equality Act 2010 and encourages its affiliated members to do so.

The Guidance to Inclusive Practice for Race Organisers document is intended to provide guidance to Race Organisers to ensure they are working under the guidance of the England Athletics Inclusion Policy and within the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. It is also intended that the document enhance their knowledge and confidence in promoting the inclusion of disabled athletes in their events.

It should be noted that the Equality Act is not just about access to facilities but is intended to promote a change in attitudes and to improve opportunities for disabled people to participate. The reasons disabled people take part in athletics are the same and just as wide ranging as for all people. With this in mind it should be recognised that disabled athletes will want to participate in events for the same reasons as all athletes, for enjoyment, to improve fitness and to experience the challenge and achievement of competition.

for runners

Run BritainThe website, exists for road runners and road race organisers. The principal aims of RunBritain are increasing participation, raising performance, improving event standards, supporting race organisers, addressing any threats to road running and raising funds to channel into road running.  The website has extensive race listings of all the licenced road running events in the UK at

You can also visit to find out more about subjects such as training and nutrition. The RunBritain project ensures that funds raised by road running - particularly the race licence fees – are invested for the benefit of road running.

for race directors

Including Road Race Licences
RunBritain also works to help race directors. Information and online road race licensing is available at the Race Directors' Club portal. You can also use the (non-profit making) on-line road race entry system and apply for a race licence for your event at the Portal

Road race organisers' online portal
The resource enables race organisers to type in key information and primarily use ‘click and drag’ features on a map to mark the race route, a range of facilities and aspects such as road closures or diversions on a map. The website then automatically produces a range of reports and maps for the race organiser to help them with their own planning. A number of the reports automatically generated are of the type and format required by people such as land owners or local authorities.

Making sure you get the correct entry fee
The online entry system asks for a runner’s unique runners number (URN) which is then automatically checked through the England Athletics database to ensure that a runner is genuinely affiliated to the governing body. This is important from a race organiser’s perspective because it ensures that the £2.00 differential between affiliated and unaffiliated runners goes to the race. No other system offers this level of checking and guarantee of a runner’s status. For full details on race licensing go to

Work is currently on going to recruit more Road Race Adjudicators.  Click here to find out more.

British Association of Road Races

A lot of good work on road running in England is also carried out by the British Association of Road Races (BARR). The aim of the BARR is to foster and promote safe and well organised road running in the United Kingdom.

The BARR has four objectives. Two are on behalf of events:

  • To maintain and review a Code of Practice for the benefit of competitors and the efficient management of both road and multi-terrain events
  • To be a membership organisation leading to the exchange of information, knowledge and best practice amongst members of the association.

Two are on behalf of UK Athletics:

  • To act as their official agent monitoring and policing Race Licence Standards
  • To act as the official and national race grading body including both the setting and assessing of those standards.

To find out more go to