Visual impairments

Visual impairments

Visual impairments – national classification

To be eligible for national classification as an athlete with a visual impairment, athletes must meet the following criteria:

1. Have at least one of the following impairments in both eyes:

  • Impairment of the eye structure
  • Impairment of the optical nerve/optic pathways
  • Impairment of the visual cortex

2. The athlete’s visual impairment must result in a visual acuity of less than or equal to LogMAR 1.0 or a visual field restricted to less than 20 degrees radius in both eyes.

How to get classified

1. Athletes with a visual impairment must have a Visual Impairment (VI) Medical Diagnostics Form (MDF) completed by an ophthalmologist and returned with copies of visual field tests and additional supporting medical documentation (i.e. letters from their consultant or ophthalmologist outlining diagnosis, OCT scans, electroretinogram tests for retinal conditions, brain scans for neurological conditions etc.), including information of any recent surgical or medical treatments related to their condition.
Note: MDFs can only be signed by an ophthalmologist

2. If MDF and supporting documentation demonstrates eligibility for classification, athletes will be invited to attend a national classification clinic to be assessed by UKA national classifiers. Classification clinics for visual impairment classification run throughout the year.

3. Following national classification, if the athlete meets the MDC a sport class will be allocated.

Further information

For general classification enquiries or to receive an MDF, please contact the British Athletics classification coordinator:
Phone: 07702 335 861

Click here to download the full classificiation document which includes further information and all the impairment classes