DBS Checks & Licensing

England Athletics and UKA take our responsibilities towards the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults in athletics and running very seriously and require everyone in the sport who has significant contact with children and/or vulnerable adults to have a Disclosure and Barring Service – DBS check (which has replaced the CRB check).  Following the revision of the Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) process, our Welfare team will now issue forms in house opposed to directing volunteers to the DBS.

Also see below for information about Safeguarding training which came into effect on 1 April 2019.

What role do you fulfil?

The role that you fulfil within athletics and running will determine the process you should go through to complete or renew your DBS check, please check the details below to find out how you can keep your DBS check up to date.

If you hold one of the following roles:

  • New coach or Leader in Running Fitness
  • New technical official
  • Have completed a course but failed to complete my DBS/CRB at the time
  • New guide runner

Please follow the DBS process detailed below.

If you hold one of the following roles:

  • Existing coach or Leader in Running Fitness with a DBS check that needs renewing
  • Existing official with a DBS check that needs renewing
  • Existing licenced guide runner with a DBS check that needs renewing

You will automatically be sent renewal information. For this to happen it is essential that your details on the myAthletics portal are up to date so please take the time to check these and update them if necessary.

If you are a Team Manager or Club Welfare Officer, please contact our Welfare team dbs@uka.org.uk to request a DBS application.  You should include your full name, postal address and what role you have with your request.

If you are none of the above but feel you may still require a DBS please contact our Welfare team dbs@uka.org.uk and you will be assessed on an individual basis.

DBS Check Process – Online

1. Sign in to your profile through the myAthletics portal

If you are applying for a coaching or officials licence for the first time your profile will be created for you after you have booked on a course. Information confirming your profile has been set up and how to access the portal will be sent to you once you are booked on a course.

If you have forgotten your username and/ or password you can click on the ‘Forgot your URN?’ and/ or ‘Forgot password’ links to proceed.

2. Go to the My Profile page

At the bottom of the first column you will see your current DBS status:

  • If you have no DBS check or your DBS check has expired this will be shown in red – please click on the link to ‘Access online DBS’ next to this to complete the online application
  • If your DBS check is due to expire shortly this will be shown in amber – please click on the link to ‘Access online DBS’ next to this to complete the online application
  • If your DBS check is fully up to date the date and status will be shown in green – you do not need to act, there will be no link to access the online DBS process. It is, however, worth noting when your application is due to expire so you can act a few months before this

The online form process is simple to follow, on screen information at each stage will help you complete it effectively.

3. You will need to physically show three forms of identification to your ‘evidence checker/ verifier’.

More information on who to choose as your ‘evidence checker/ verifier’ is given in the online process and information on the types of identification is available at www.gov.uk/criminal-record-check-documents. They can then complete their part of the process online, or fill in and send the printed verification form in the post to Athletics Welfare after seeing and validating your documents.

Applications made online will still receive an ‘applicant’s’ certificate from the DBS. If the certificate finds ‘no information’ you do not need to send the certificate to UKA for verification.

If you have previously received a DBS certificate but not via the UKA online DBS application process, or your certification contains information, you do need to return this certificate to the UKA Welfare team.

4. When UKA have received electronic confirmation for online applications, your licence will be produced and sent out to you.

If you have any queries regarding updating your DBS record please contact the Welfare office on 0121 713 8450 or email: dbs@uka.org.uk

If you have a query regarding accessing your myAthletics portal profile please contact Membership Services via the Contact Us page on this website.

You can download a copy of the PDF guidance document from our main DBS page.

Self declaration

You will require a self declaration form if you are:

  • Under 16 years of age
  • Parent Helpers
  • General club volunteers that do not have sole supervisory responsibilities for Under 18’s
  • Unqualified coaches / officials that are assisting to gain experience prior to accessing a formal course

A self declaration form can be downloaded from our main DBS page.

Do not use the self-disclosure form if applying for or renewing a Coach / Official or Run Leader qualification and you are over 16 years of age – you require a DBS application.

Codes of Conduct

All Coaches are asked at the point of training or as they progress through their coaching journey to sign and adopt the Coaches’ Code of Conduct. The code is designed to provide a safe welcoming environment for everyone in the sport and reflects the principles of good coaching practise.

Safeguarding training

From 1 April 2019 new coaches and those renewing a licence will also need to have undertaken safeguarding training. This has been devised specifically for athletics using UKA’s existing welfare policies and procedures, so all examples are relevant to the sport. The online nature of the training allows coaches to complete it in their own time and choice of location.  The course, which is subsidised, will cost £10 to access, comprises two modules as well as a short, multiple-choice test after each module.

The course and information is available to book on Athletics Hub, book now.