Coaching Assistant

What is it?

The Coaching Assistant qualification is for those who wish to take their first step into coaching.

Our athletics Coaching Assistant qualification provides prospective coaches with an introduction to coaching athletics via a range of run, jump and throwing skills and activities. It will also focus on the introduction of the fundamental movement skills that underpin athletics activities. To support the multi-event approach for developing athletes, Coaching Assistants will be expected to assist in the delivery of a range of sessions that develop running, jumping and throwing skills in their club.

This coach assistant course is recommended for those that have decided to embark on the coaching pathway and forms the first step in their commitment to that process.

Our coaching journey is supported by British Athletics’ coaching qualifications.

Format: 2 Day Course – Involving classroom and practical activity

The course duration is two days and will usually be run over one weekend. There is no assessment element. An athletics Coaching Assistant licence will be awarded to successful attendees on completion, who have engaged in the tasks and activities throughout the course and demonstrated engagement following any discussions with course staff.

What to Coach:

  • Warm up activities for children and adults
  • Basic fundamentals of movement (base size and direction, balance, posture, coordination)
  • The key principles of running (including wheelchair racing, over obstacles, as well as race walking), jumping and throwing
  • Identification of basic mechanics of throwing (speed, height, angle)
  • Key coaching points for shot and javelin
  • Basic introduction to the energy systems
  • How a skill is perceived by an athlete and what action they could take

How to Coach:

  • Implementation of best practice principles for organisation and safety in a changing environment
  • Efficiently set up and organise a task card activity
  • Introduction to the HOW-2 skills (Safety, Organisation, Instruction & Explanation, Demonstration, Observation & Analysis, Feedback & Questioning)

General Content:

  • Describe and practice athlete-centred delivery
  • The rationale for late specialisation
  • Understanding of the coaching roles (a Coach, Coaching Assistant and unqualified helper)
  • Basic introduction to learning styles and stages of learning
  • Factors that influence performance and components of fitness
  • Introduction to the 3 energy systems
  • The importance of behaviour management, through organisation, and its effect on group management
  • Safeguarding & Welfare

Practical application:

  • The components and structure of a session (Warm Up, Main Units, Cool Down and concluding a session)
  • Appropriate coaching interventions and coaching strategies (Shaping, Chaining, Whole Part Whole, Guided Discovery)
  • Using (and developing) appropriate session plans
  • Coaching practice and peer review
  • Develop technical awareness and practice the coaching process skills

When you have completed the course and received your athletics Coaching Assistant licence, you will be assisting in the delivery of athletics coaching sessions under the supervision of a qualified Coach. For participants under 18 years of age, this will mean ‘direct’ supervision, whereas for 18 years + this will be ‘indirect’ supervision.

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