Coaching Assistant

The Coaching Assistant qualification is for those who wish to take their first step into coaching in athletics.

As the entry level qualification, the course is designed to provide prospective coaches with an introduction to coaching athletics via a range of running, jumping and throwing skills and activities. It also focuses on the introduction of the fundamental movement skills that underpin athletic activities.

Coaching Assistant has been relaunched as a blended course – made up of four Virtual Classroom Modules*, on-line self-guided learning modules** and a practical day.


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This course is recommended for those that have decided to embark on the coaching pathway and forms the first step in their commitment to that process.

Please note that any dates showing for the Practical Day on our online booking system are provisional dates and will be reviewed/rescheduled in light of any continuing government Covid-19 restrictions or national lockdown.

Course structure

The structure and content includes:

This module starts by looking at how people learn, session structure and how to organise a session and deliver it safely. It then moves on to look at different coaching roles and responsibilities.
Self-guided module: Group and Behaviour Management.
This module explores strategies for managing mixed ability groups.

This module covers different coaching styles and how they are used most effectively. This is also explored in the context of stages of learning. The module continues by introducing the skill of observing, different types of throwing movement and the technical components of throwing.

This module explores the factors that influence athletic performance. It then moves on to discuss the energy systems and how training works

This module starts by discussing performance factors and components of fitness and then moves on to explore the principles behind running and jumping technique. It concludes by identifying the key principles of giving effective feedback and then sets out next steps.

This day allows the learner to put into practice and apply some of the knowledge and skills covered throughout the modules, in a safe and supportive practical learning environment, with an experienced Coaching Assistant tutor.


When you have completed the course and received your athletics Coaching Assistant licence, you will be assisting in the delivery of athletics coaching sessions under the supervision of a qualified Coach. For participants under 18 years of age, this will mean ‘direct’ supervision, whereas for 18 years + this will be ‘indirect’ supervision.

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* A Virtual Classroom is an online classroom, facilitated by an experienced tutor and it allows participants to interact with each other and the tutor, view presentations and videos and complete group tasks.
** Self-guided means that there is no tutor present and you work through the modules independently. The modules use a variety of learning activities including videos and interactive tasks.

Book now on to a Coaching Assistant course

Search and book on to a Coaching Assistant course near you through Athletics Hub.