Youth Endurance workshop

A FREE workshop for coaches and others wanting to help and support young endurance athletes in their development.


  • Discussion of training volumes, intensities, and number of sessions that are appropriate for different young athletes
  • Identifying the stages that your athletes are at
  • How to help young athletes remain in the sport and continue their development
  • Reducing the risk of injuries and managing them when they occur


  • decide the appropriate training for your young endurance athletes – including the volume, intensity and number of sessions.
  • identify the stage your athletes are at and how to take this into account – including the differences between chronological, biological, training, competition and developmental ages.
  • help your athletes have on-going and continuing progression – understanding long-term athlete development principles to enable young endurance athletes to achieve success as seniors.
  • awareness and ideas on the best ways to keep your young athletes in the sport and continuing to develop.
  • ways to reduce the risk of injuries and manage them if they do occur.


None, this workshop is aimed at athletics coaches, coaching assistants, run leaders, parents or guardians of young athletes, and any club volunteers with involvement in safeguarding or making provision for young athletes.


90 minutes