Movement Skills Part 2

Movement Skills Part 2 is the second in a series of three progressive workshops open to all Leaders and Coaches that focus on movement patterns that underpin all athletic events.

Online bookings are now live on AthleticsHub. Additional workshop dates/locations will be added in the coming days.


  • A reinforcement of the key concepts introduced in Movement Skills Part 1
  • Develop your ability to coach movement based training
  • An introduction to how the ability to move can influence injury potential
  • Practical exposure to progressing and regressing drills and exercises based on athletic ability
  • The importance of organising training strategies


  • Enhanced understanding of Movement Skills Part 1 key concepts
  • Your athletes have an enhanced opportunity to be more efficient movers
  • Understand ways in which you can develop robust athletes
  • An understanding of how drills and exercises can be tailored to an individual
  • The ability to organise and deliver a structure progressive session


Leadership in Running Fitness, Coaching Assistant or higher

Recommendations: It is strongly recommended that coaches complete the Movement Skills 1 online workshop, then Movement Skills Part 2 workshop followed by the Physical Preparation workshop.


6 hours



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