Movement Skills 2

Movement Skills 2 is the second in a series of three progressive workshops open to all Leaders and Coaches that focus on movement patterns that underpin all athletic events.


  • A reinforcement of the key concepts introduced in Movement Skills 1
  • Develop your ability to coach movement based training
  • An introduction to how the ability to move can influence injury potential
  • Practical exposure to progressing and regressing drills and exercises based on athletic ability
  • The importance of organising training strategies


  • Enhanced understanding of Movement Skills 1 key concepts
  • Your athletes have an enhanced opportunity to be more efficient movers
  • Understand ways in which you can develop robust athletes
  • An understanding of how drills and exercises can be tailored to an individual
  • The ability to organise and deliver a structure progressive session


Leadership in Running Fitness, Coaching Assistant or higher

Recommendations: It is strongly recommended that coaches attend the Movement Skills workshop 1, then Movement Skills workshop 2 followed by the Physical Preparation workshop.


6 hours

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