Movement Skills Part 1

Movement Skills Part 1 is the first in a series of three progressive workshops open to all Leaders and Coaches that focus on movement patterns that underpin all athletic events. Movement Skills Part 1 is delivered as an online-based workshop and Movement Skills Part 2 has also now been relaunched as an online workshop.  The third workshop in the series, Physical Preparation, is a face-to-face workshop (on hold at present due to Covid-19 restrictions).

Online bookings are now live on AthleticsHub.


  • An introduction to movement skills to develop athletic performance
  • Scientific theory of the demands placed on the body in performance
  • Practical concepts covered to overcome the demands placed on the body
  • Gain an understanding of the various training modalities


  • Improved use of the body to perform
  • An understanding of how to best challenge to perform
  • Improved library of drills and exercises to implement
  • The ability to implement drills and exercise within plyometric, strength and movement skill training
  • Online-based workshop allowing users to complete in their own time – users can pause, replay and come back to the module so that they can go and practice activities, or take a break, without having to complete in one sitting


Leadership in Running Fitness, Coaching Assistant or higher.

It is strongly recommended that coaches complete the Movement Skills Part 1 online workshop before moving to the Movement Skills Part 2 workshop followed by the Physical Preparation workshop.


1.5 hours (self-paced)



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