Step 2 — Gaining your practical experiences

An official shadowing during an event

Once you have attended your officiating course, the next step to becoming a licensed official is gaining the practical experience. To become a licensed official the following number of practical experiences are required (1 experience = 1 meeting attended)

  • Assistant Officials = Attendance at a minimum of 2 meetings
  • Level 1 Officials = Attendance at a minimum of 4 meetings

Each of your experiences can be gained by working alongside and being support by one of our friendly and experienced officials at the meetings you attend.

These experiences can be gained up to 12 months prior to your course or after your course. This allows flexibility for all individuals and supports individuals to become a licensed Official as soon as possible.

  • For Field Officials – these experiences must cover horizontal jumps (Long or Triple Jump), vertical jumps (High Jump or Pole Vault), Long Throws (Discus or Javelin or Hammer) and Shot Put.
  • Starter Officials – four experiences required as a Starter AND four experiences as a Starter’s Assistant.

If you have attended your Officials’ course and require to complete your experiences, you can receive support from any of the below pathways to do so:

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