Education workshops and webinars

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Qualified officials can also undertake training via conferences and webinars on particular topics within or outside their main discipline.

Webinar series - progression to next level

England Athletics is facilitating webinars for all trainee, level 1 and level 2 officials to provide information and run-through all the various steps involved in progressing to the next level. It is an opportunity for officials to ask any question on the process and individuals are asked to register in advance for one of the sessions they are available for.

All webinars are being held between 6:30pm and 7:45pm. Click on the webinar date / link to register.

Joining the officiating team – completing the final steps for level 1

This will cover all parts of becoming a licensed official and provide the opportunity for trainee officials to ask any questions about the process. The session will look at all resources and the areas of support available that can assist with your development as an official within the officiating community.


Marc Ritchie (Technical Officials Development Manager) and Lauren Fryer (Membership Engagement Officer) will be facilitating these sessions. Click on date to sign up.

How do I become a level 2 official – what’s involved?

Becoming a level 3 official - what’s involved?

Call Room module

When this is in place, this is the location athletes arrive for ahead of being escorted to their track or field event. Here roles within this area include, checking athletes are arriving here on time for volunteers/officials to do further checks. Assisting athletes prepare for their race by making sure they are wearing the correct number, letting them know what lane and heat they are in, escorting athletes to start line for track or to the field event site.

A free on-line Call-Room Module is available for anyone who is interested in or has been allocated a role in the Call-Room or can be used for Continuous Personal Development (CPD). The Call-Room enables an athletics meeting to be run efficiently, on time and according to the rules with well-trained officials. This module will take you through the different roles within the call-room and explain all the checks you would make on both track and field athletes. This module can be found on Athletics Hub.

UK Communities of Good Practice

Working in Partnership, UKA and the Home Country Athletics Federations (Athletics Northern Ireland, England Athletics, Scottish Athletics and Welsh Athletics) put together a programme of short sessions that focus on particular areas of officiating and cover a wide range of topics across different disciplines. The sessions allow for continuous and professional development (CPD) for officials across different disciplines and levels.

COP archive

Select the topic to watch the webinar on YouTube or go to our YouTube playlist. A presentation can be downloaded where available.


Endurance and Race Walking officials

Field and Track officials

Start, Timekeeping and Photofinish officials

Officials' Courses

Find details of all upcoming Officials’ courses for qualifications and development opportunities.