Coaching Webinars

Laptop being used on a wooden table to access a webinar

Our Coaching and Athlete Development Team aims to provide coaches and leaders with more online learning and training opportunities – developing a regular programme of online coaching webinars hosted by one of our team or lead coaches.

The series of webinars focuses on a range of specific themes and it’s free to register. The latest webinars on offer are featured in the below schedule but please check back as details of more webinars are added regularly. If you missed anything, you can also use our Watch Again function. If you have any suggestions of topics that you’d like to see covered in our webinars then scroll down to submit your ideas via our online form.

Webinar schedule

We do not currently have anything scheduled but more webinars are added to this schedule regularly…

Watch Again

We upload the recordings of our webinars into the Coaching Resources section on our Athletics Hub platform so that people can still view the webinar if they’re unable to join us live. Anyone can sign-up to access Athletics Hub. The recordings are added approximately one week after their scheduled live date. Visit Athletics Hub.

Submit your ideas

If you have an idea for the focus of one of our webinars, or you’d like us to cover a specific topic or theme, please send us your suggestions using the following form.

If you have general queries, please don’t use this form, but go to our Contact us page.

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