Sustainability self asessment form

As part of assessing the approach of this pilot and how we can learn together we have a few questions to ask you to complete. This is not about judgement or scoring but it will be an important benchmark for us to use to inform the success of the pilot and for you to build. It is a self asessment so please take a moment to reflect, ask other members and be honest in your answers.

We are using The Green Runners pillars to help us focus our thinking and move towards tangible action. Using a Red, Amber, Green scoring system please give an honest assessment of where your club is now in the context of these 4 pillars.

  • Red = Not at all. It's not on the agenda at the moment.
  • Amber = We've talked about ideas and have good intentions or things in the pipeline.
  • Green = We're on it already and have started to take action (please give some examples).
  • How we eat and drink

    Examples from other clubs include encouraging all members to bring reusable bottles, supplying water refill options at training, a no single use plastic policy, offering meat free and vegan options at club events.

  • How we move

    Examples from other clubs include promoting car sharing to events and training, incentivising more sustainable travel, encouraging local races and events, providing information about carbon offsetting for travel.

  • How we kit up

    Examples from other clubs include providing a platform to sell-on unwanted kit, holding kitswaps, educating members about kit repair and removing dates from event kit so that it can be re-used.

  • How we speak out

    Examples from other clubs include Share, Support and Spread the word about members / other clubs / local events and brands doing something good: partake in one volunteer day / local community outreach as a club every year, or encourage and share information covering the principles of leading a more sustainable lifestyle with club members.

  • About your club