Sustainability pledge form

Every club and commnuity will be in a different place on their sustainability journey. It is important that together with your committee and/or steering team you can decide what actions are relevant, realistic and motivating for you.

Here are some ideas to give you inspiration and help you arrive at your own club pledges. Equally please add your own in the space provided if there are other things you want to do. We will be building lots of helpful resources and links to help you meet these pledges and support your action.

  • How we eat and drink

  • How we move

    Remember to keep accessibility in mind, some of these travel options may not be suitable for everyone in your club.

  • How we kit up

  • How we speak out

    This can also be the decisions we make operationally, the examples we set, what we choose to support and celebrate and vice versa, what we call out and ask to do better.

  • Anything else?