Track Nights

About the programme

Update 11 May 2020: *Applications Open* 

The applications window for our Track Nights programme is currently open until 30 June 2020.  Read on for more information or:

Track Nights sees experienced coaches making a series of three visits to a club to help support their athletes and coaches working in a specific event group. The programme supports clubs with the development and retention, of coaches and athletes in a specific event or event group. The programme takes place at your club on your club night.

Through a series of Track Nights visits our aim is to ensure that the relationship between the club coach and their athletes is stronger than ever and that the coach is equipped with new confidence, knowledge and skills to be a better position to retain and develop their athletes.

Is the programme right for your club?

As the sessions are Event Group or Event Specific focussed we would expect participating athletes to be at this stage of development.

England Athletics recognises that for many clubs their ‘weaker’ events are often those where they are lacking the coaches to deliver in this area. The Track Nights programme aims, in part, to help give coaches the confidence and skills to work effectively in a given event group/event once the Track Nights sessions are over.

Clubs will need to demonstrate there is some level of coaching provision in place prior to the visits, as well as interest to develop in this area. This includes that clubs should ensure that as a minimum they have a Coaching Assistant in place prior to the start of the sessions and that the coach is working towards completing their Athletics Coach (within four months of completing Track Nights). Ideally participating clubs will have more than one coach engaged in the sessions.

What will the sessions involve?

  • Three visits over a 9-12 week period, each lasting around two hours
  • Delivered by an experienced and licensed visiting coach
  • Event specific warm up and cool downs
  • Physical preparation and fitness components
  • Technical and tactical event specific content
  • A focus on helping coaches and athletes work towards specific and appropriate training and competition goals
  • The opportunity for informal discussion around key topics relevant to the event group/ event
  • Progressive sessions, with guidance and support to coaches on session planning between the visits
  • Linking participating coaches with their Regional Coaching Lead for ongoing support through the England
    Athletics Coach and Athlete Development Programme of activity across the country

Other considerations include:

  • Clubs should ensure that the participating club coaches, who will work with the visiting coaches, are in attendance for all three visits
  • Clubs and the club coaches are responsible for ensuring there is a group of committed athletes who will be in attendance for the three sessions
  • Dates and times of visits to be arranged between the club and the allocated coach deliverer, but should take place within a 12 week period
  • Participating clubs should demonstrate they meet the basic equipment and safe facility requirements for the sessions to take place
  • Smaller clubs in event groups/ events with low numbers of club coaches and athletes are welcome to consider submitting a joint application with one other club. However, all three sessions will need to take place at a single venue
  • Clubs should provide a first and second preference for event group or event specific support so that we can find a suitable match within your geographical area.

How to apply

To register your application, download the application form (see below) and send your completed form to (by the deadline of midnight 30 June 2020).

If you have any questions about the application process or to help determine if the programme is right for your club, please contact us using the email address listed above.

Please note that whilst we are open for applications, we will not be able to schedule Track Night sessions with successful applicant clubs until government guidelines, and advice from England Athletics and within our sport, indicate that group activity is permitted and is safe (in relation to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic).