Club Run

The Club Run programme has provided support for over 300 road running clubs through providing series of coaching sessions led by experienced coaches to support their runners, leaders and coaches. The initiative is free and flexible to work to the needs of individual clubs.

As the sport emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic we need to ensure the programme provides support to the clubs who need it the most. As such, the programme is being extended to offer up 6 sessions based around one of four themes.

Alongside the programme we will be looking to work with your club around other development needs you might have.

Club Run Themes

Whilst all clubs are free to apply, resources are limited and we are looking to grant up to 20 applications. To give yourself the best opportunity of receiving support through the programme consider the themes below when making our application.

  1. Road to track: This theme aims to support road running clubs who want to introduce their members to traditional track and field facilities and competitions. If you have a local track and you feel your members would benefit from using but you’re not sure the best way to go about it, we are keen to hear from you. If you don’t have access to a track but you feel your members would been keen to get involved in track-based races again consider applying to get ideas and support from a top coach.
  1. Club Run Junior: Road Running Clubs members are primarily adult endurance runners. Increasingly though road running clubs are exploring junior sections and training groups. If your club are actively looking to set up a junior section, or recently have, then consider applying under this theme. We will work with you to support you to understand some unique considerations clubs and coaches must plan for when working with young athletes.
  1. 2022 Legacy: This theme will support clubs in inner city Birmingham who are looking to build on the inspiration of the Games to offer road runners in Birmingham the best possible experiences at their local road running clubs. If you are based in the Birmingham Metropolitan district consider applying under this theme.
  1. Club Run Together: This theme is focused on developing a more diverse road running community in England. If you are a club welcoming in runners from lower socio-economic groups, culturally and socially diverse communities, runners the disabilities and additional needs we are keen to support the work your do through the programme.

Can I apply outside of these themes?

You can still apply for support through Club Run outside of the themes above by completing the application and highlighting how you feel the support will help your club develop. Please be aware with a limited number of applications being granted in these round applications made under the themes above will be looked upon favourably.


  • Club Affiliations – your club must be affiliated as an off track/road running club* to England Athletics in the current membership year.
  • Club Standards – be committed to the development of Club Standards or working actively with England Athletics throughout Club Run to do so.
  • Membership Affiliations – at least 50% of your club’s total membership should be registered athletes in the current membership year.

Successful Applications

We have a limited number of Club Run places we can offer and as such successful clubs will be selected based on meeting a number of criteria.

  • Eligibility – see above.
  • Strength of Application – in your application demonstrate to us how your club is currently to develop its training or coaching structures or athlete pathways.
  • Clarity of Outcomes – in your application tell us clearly what you hope to gain from the club run sessions and how you plan to make an impact with your members under the themes highlight above if relevant.

More information

* The Club Run programme is specifically aimed at supporting off track/road running clubs, however we will consider applications from Track & Field clubs with sizeable off track sections.


Warley Woods Pacers:

The Club Run sessions have been hugely beneficial to our club in terms of the inspiration and motivation they have provided to our athletes, but also the support and encouragement they have given the coaching and leadership team.

Your observations and interventions have not only highlighted what we are already doing well, but very importantly given us ideas and guidance on how we can deliver a better experience and improved outcomes for our athletes as we begin the new year. All in all the experience has been entirely positive and has increased engagement throughout the club.

Bishop’s Stortford Running Club:

The warm-up incorporated elements of running technique which I’ve not been exposed to before. I thoroughly enjoyed the engaging and positive way our Club Run session was delivered. Thank you, England Athletics!