Club Improvement Fund testimonials: Tadcaster Harriers

Tadcaster Harriers Run Leaders

Tadcaster Harriers had the very ambitious goal of training a further 6 Run Leaders and this grant has enabled them to enrol 3 of them straightaway with the other 3 coming through later on in the year, funded by the club.

Tadcaster Harriers were delighted that their application for funding was approved.

Run leaders are a key part of their strategy to provide the best runner experience they can for their members, develop the club and support their beginner’s programme. The club has grown considerably during the covid pandemic and they managed to keep the whole club running, even though for long periods they were limited to groups of 6. Lots of club members stepped up during that period.

One of them was Amanda who said,

“I joined the Tadcaster Harriers after completing the beginner’s group in 2019. The encouragement and commitment of the run leaders was very impressive and much appreciated by all of us new runners. During lockdown many club members were missing running with others so was I keen to support them and the Club during those strange times. Whilst I loved the role as unofficial run leader, I was conscious that I had no official training and so when offered the opportunity to complete the LIRF. course, I jumped at the chance. Big thanks to the Club and the England Athletics grant that enabled me to do this.”

After missing two years because of Covid, the club have been able to start their beginner’s group again and currently have over 20 people on Couch to 5k and 10k programmes.

Another of the new leaders helping is Richard who said,

"Having started in a beginner’s group back in 2018 it’s been a fantastic experience having conversations with new and returning runners, as I remember saying things like "I can’t see myself running any half or full marathons" and yet 4 years later I’ve done all that and more thanks to the support and encouragement of the club. Helping with the beginner’s group has been a great way of giving back to such an amazing club and hopefully inspiring those who might lack the confidence but certainly not the ability!"

The club is getting bigger very quickly and they aim to support this growth by having a very strong team of Coaches and Run Leaders.

"People seem to think we are a very friendly club and we want to keep that feeling of one club and everyone supporting each other."

The third new run leader Debbie agrees and added,

"I really enjoy running with the Harriers - they are like an extended part of the family. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming to runners of all abilities. Since being with the Harriers I have run 3 marathons, Without the support and encouragement from everyone in the club I don't know if I would have managed it. They are all amazing, and that’s why I'm proud to be a Harrier."

Tadcaster Harriers are delighted with the support received from England Athletics. It has been brilliant to have had Amanda, Richard and Debbie helping with club and it’s really great news for everyone all that they are wanting to get more involved by becoming fully trained Leaders in Running Fitness.

Pictured left to right are Amanda, Richard and Debbie.

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