Legal Advice

Muckle LLP

England Athletics has a legal advice services hotline for clubs which is operated by the leading law firm, Muckle LLP.  Muckle LLP provides a FREE legal helpline for all Affiliated Clubs and organisations. This initiative is funded by England Athletics in order to provide greater value to Affiliated Clubs and organisations.

0191 211 7797

Muckle LLP has been selected to provide Affiliated Clubs & Organisations with legal advice due to their expertise on a broad range of issues relevant for sports clubs like yours. As a nationally renowned legal firm, the Muckle LLP legal helpline will connect you to experienced lawyers who can help answer any legal queries and issues that relate to your Club.

Affiliated Clubs & Organisations will need to provide their affiliation number as proof of identification at the start of each call and advice will only be given to people authorised to seek advice on behalf of their clubs or affiliated organisation. (The arrangement does not extend to legal advice on personal matters for individuals within clubs or organisations).

There is a maximum call length of 30 minutes for each legal enquiry.

Please note the helpline of 0191 211 7797 and email of are only for use by club representatives requiring assistance on club matters.

If your legal issue is of a particularly complex nature and cannot be resolved within a 30 minute phone call, you may require further legal advice. The potential costs associated with this would be advised before any costs are incurred by the Club, and Affiliated Clubs & Bodies will, of course, still be free to select a different legal provider for any ongoing matters at their own discretion.

Phone lines open 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays. All calls received outside these hours will receive a response within 24 hours of the office re-opening. Email requests for advice will also be responded to within these timescales.

John Devine, who leads the sports team at Muckle LLP, states, “In our experience, the majority of legal queries from sports clubs can be resolved quickly and effectively within 30 minutes. Our experienced lawyers will be readily available to respond to your queries and address any concerns. We are delighted to work with England Athletics in providing this legal helpline service to Affiliated Clubs.”