Club Welfare Officer Training Checklist

Club Welfare Officer Training Check List

Step 1:  Ensure that your Club Secretary updates the Club Secretary Portal with your details (name and email address), highlighting you as the official Club Welfare Officer.

Step 2:  Apply for a UKA Enhanced DBS. See

Step 3:  Complete the Safeguarding in Athletics Online Education Resource. This can be accessed by booking online at AthleticsHub.

Step 4: Attend a three-hour Time 2 Listen workshop.  The Time 2 Listen course is aimed at providing Club Welfare Officers with extensive safeguarding training to assist them with undertaking their role within an Athletics setting. The 3-hour course is designed to provide those taking part with an opportunity to consider their role and responsibilities within an Athletics/sporting context and ensure that they are familiar with the specific reporting processes that apply to the sport – vital information for anyone occupying a Club Welfare Office role.

You can book online now at AthleticsHub (£25) or contact your regional England Athletics Club Support Manager for further info (their details can be found on the Club Support page of our website). Alternatively you can access multi-sport workshops via the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) via  Please ensure that you keep hold of your attendance/completion certificates, England Athletics will be carrying out annual club audits to ensure Club Welfare Officers have completed all the necessary training.