Composite Teams

UK Athletics received board approval to change rule 21 S4 (8) regarding Composite Clubs, which took immediate effect in September 2018.

This rule change will update the Composite Club process to the below;

  • Composite Clubs will first apply to their league(s) for Composite Club status.
  • The club will be firstly confirmed by the relevant league.
  • Once confirmed by the league, a list of all approved Composite Clubs in the league will be sent to Georgia Hoare ( to be published by UK Athletics. The deadline for submission is 30 November , applications after this deadline may not be accepted.
  • New Composite club applications will need to be accompanied with a cheque for £30, made payable to ‘UK Athletics’.

All composite club applications that have already been received by England Athletics, will be forwarded on to the relevant league for approval.