Supporting Coaches workshop tools

Supporting Coaches workshop tools

Tools introduced in the workshop can be downloaded below (click on tool title):

Tool    Description
Delegate action plan 
Editable DOC version
This template is provided for you to make a note of any key points of learning from the Supporting Coaches workshop and note down any actions you would like to take as a result of the workshop


Tool    Description
Know your coaches 
Editable DOC version
A tool to help you identify the existing coach workforce in your club and understand where your current gaps are   
Good practice volunteer selection process A suggested checklist of steps to go through when selecting and recruiting a new volunteer
Recruitment scenarios Four recruitment scenarios that can be used as the basis of a discussion
Volunteer induction checklist A checklist of things you should include in your induction process for volunteers
Coach code of conduct An example of a code of conduct for athletics coaches
Club code of conduct An example of a code of conduct for athletics clubs
How to recruit volunteers A summary sheet  giving ideas and methods to consider in relation to recruiting coaches.


Tool    Description
Coach qualifications defined A document to provide an overview of the roles and functions leaders and coaching assistants can fulfil under the current UKA Coaching Qualifications
Coach Education Decision Tree A tool to help coaches decide which is the most appropriate coaching qualification for their needs

Training needs analysis template 
Example completed TNA

A tool to enable coaches to identify the knowledge, skills and qualities a good needs, understand their current strengths and weaknesses and identify areas/attributes that need to be developed further

Personal development plan template  
Example completed PDP

A tool to highlight the actions and support coaches need to achieve their identified coaching goals
Coach observation checklist A list of coaching behaviours which an observer can use to help a coach  build a picture of how they coach and the coaching behaviours they exhibit


Tool    Description
Volunteer of the month certificate A template certificate which can be used to reward club volunteers
How to retain your volunteers A summary sheet giving ideas and methods to consider to help retain club coaches
Volunteer agreement template 
Editable DOC version
A template agreement to outline what volunteer coaches can expect from their club, and what the club can hope for from the coach

*a number of additional tools to support the development of coaches are outlined in the England Athletics Mentoring Guide.

If you would like to organise a workshop for your club or Network or would like further information please contact your local Club Support Manager