Supporting Coaches workshop

Supporting Coaches workshop

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games generated an unprecedented amount of interest in our sport. With another exciting season around the corner, including a World Championships in Moscow, a key challenge for clubs is to ensure that they have the necessary infrastructure to support the increased demand for athletics. Paramount to this is the club’s coaching workforce.  A recent club coaching audit conducted by England Athletics highlighted a need for support in recruiting and retaining coaches to increase club coaching capacity.

England Athletics have worked with sports coach UK to produce a bespoke workshop aimed at helping clubs to better support their coaches. The workshop will explore current practices around supporting coaches and allow clubs and Networks to share good practice in this area.
Specifically, the course will address:

Recruitment of coaches, including:

  • Planning for effective club recruitment
  • Exploring recruitment options and methods
  • Good practice relating to coach recruitment and induction into the club

Development of coaches
, including:

  • Why coach development is important
  • Exploring key tools to support the development of club coaches
  • Opportunities available to coaches through the Local Coach Development Programme

Retention of coaches
, including:

  • Retention benefits of coach development
  • Rewarding and recognising club coaches
  • Good practice relating to retention of coaches

England Athletics recognises that supporting coaches is not simply the responsibility of one individual in a club.  The course will provide a process to support a number of roles which may already exist in your club, aiming to improve the number and quality of coaches e.g. Head Coaches, Coaching Coordinators, Volunteer Coordinators, Athletics Network Activators. 

The workshop brings together expertise from England Athletics and sports coach UK in supporting the recruitment, development and retention of coaches.  It also incorporates supporting tools and information from a number of existing England Athletics initiatives and resources e.g. Local Coach Development Programme, Volunteer Toolkit, Club Accreditation. Click here to read a case study about how England Athletics worked with sports coach UK to develop this workshop.

If you would like to organise a workshop for your club or Network or would like further information please contact your local Club Support Manager