Med Ball Challenge

Med Ball Challenge

The England Athletics Med Ball Challenge is an initiative to promote the development of Throwing activity at Club training nights. 

Suitable for athletes aged 9 to 15, there are five kinds of throw: Forward Pitch, Chest Push, Soccer Throw, Overhead Heave, and Shoulder Fling; each technique is used in various ball games, or athletics throwing events. 

The concept is ideal for PE lessons or club training sessions, is easy to set up, and can be done indoors and outdoors.  It is all inclusive - suitable for all abilities -  and excellent for talent ID.

Packs and resources

England Athletics Med Ball Challenge packs are available which can be borrowed on short term loan by clubs free of charge. Click here for more information about kit to borrow in your area or email  Sets can also be purchased from Eveque; each includes 1 each 1kg, 2kg and 3kg Medicine Balls, 2 x 10m Graduated Measuring Mats, Peg set, Activity Cards and Ring Binder.  You can also download the resource card pack for free - click here.

A Virtual League is being held to find the top individuals and throwing group across the country.  Each athlete should complete each of the 5 events, recording each distance thrown.  To enter the Virtual League and find out more, go to the Sportshall website.  You can also download a poster to display in your locality or club.


  • Soccer Throw: A two handed throw where the participant starts facing the direction of the throw. This event uses the whole body in a basic ‘pull’ technique which is a good training exercise for javelin throwers, soccer players, tennis players and several other ball games.
  • Overhead Heave: This is a two handed over the head power throw which is a full body exercise. If done correctly the ball should travel further than the distances achieved in the other throws. It develops the ability to combine the maximum contribution from all the parts of the body into a single action.
  • Shoulder Fling: A two handed reversed throw where the participant keeps their back to the direction of the throw. this event uses the whole body in a basic rotational technique which is used in several throwing events and is relevant to movements in some ball games.
  • Forward Pitch: A two handed underarm forward throw utilizing the legs and trunk.
  • Chest Push: In this standing throw the participant pushes a weighted ball with both hands from the chest into a pre-measured throwing area. This is a good introduction to the push technique use in the shot put event. This technique is also used in Basketball and Netball where it is known as the chest pass.