Supporting your work with young athletes

Supporting your work with young athletes

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England Athletics has numerous ways of supporting clubs in their work with young athletes.

This includes the QuadKids, Sportshall and Super8 competition formats, endurance activities resources and the Athletics 365 skills syllabus to ensure your athletes are developing all the fundamental skills needed to become a successful athlete. Club Accreditation (Clubmark) is another important aspect of ensuring that your club is a good environment for youngsters and in assuring parents and potential partners in the community, including funding partners of this.

Of course many of the areas of support we offer that are beneficial to the senior section of your club are also applicable for the junior section. For instance Flying Coach visits see a highly skilled coach carries out visits to work with coaches and their athletes so that the coaches gain skills in how to coach more effectively. This can be used across all ages and events. Welfare is also an issue that affects the whole club but has a particular relevance and importance when working with young athletes.

Please see the left hand menu to learn more about what is on offer specifically to club's youth sections as well as looking at offering relevant for your whole club. 

The Coaching Section of this site will also explain more about how people who coach, or are interested in coaching, young athletes can improve their skills, the courses available to them and other opportunities for improving their coaching. See

Club-School links

Jess Ennis and youngstersIt is also important that youngsters in schools are given a positive experience in athletics and that, wherever possible, this is aligned to the work done by clubs. In many instances clubs are playing a key role in supporting the provision of athletics in Schools.

England Athletics also works with other partners who are involved in athletics in sport to help to develop consistent and positive experiences for young athletes.

It is highly beneficial for your club to be involved in this approach and to understand what is, or can be, available to young athletes in the school setting. Please see for more information and insight into athletics in schools and to help you see how you can be involved and benefit from in this work.


Skills-Comp-Awards leaflet

England Athletics have produced a promotional leaflet relating to our core youth development resources that are aimed at introducing athletic skills, short form competition and awards to ultimately recognise improvement in performance at “induction” level.

The leaflet articulates the link between our 3 major development platforms for this age group – SKILLS – COMPETITION – AWARDS - and is aimed at schools and clubs/networks but also can be applied with those, recognising that many of our resources can, if delivered appropriately, extend beyond our two traditional settings – clubs and schools.

Details can be found in our Linking Clubs and Schools document. You can also contact your local Club Support Manager for more information.

England Athletics encourages young children to retain the multi-skill approach between Key Stages 1-4 and has resources to help teachers take a multi skills approach to athletics, sports and exercise in schools. Teachers can find out more about resources available to help them in a multi skills approach to sport in schools that helps them to develop the fundamental movement skills of pupils in our schools athletics section.

Bridging The Gap

Research to provide insight into the development and retention of young athletes was commissioned by England Athletics and carried out by Sheffield Hallam International Research Centre. 

The findings were published in August 2011. This was a study that was initiated with providers, organisers and enablers of youth athletics in mind, and aimed at guiding and informing providers of youth athletics in reviewing practice, and we hope that reports such as this one will help to ensure that all our efforts are invested with the best long term interests of young athletes in mind.

You can download the Bridging the Gap document by clicking here.