BBC Get Inspired

BBC Get Inspired

BBC Get Inspired logoThe BBC's Get Inspired project wants to hear about activities being run by your clubs which will give people the opportunity to get involved in athletics.

At the heart of the BBC Get Inspired campaign is the ‘Get Inspired’ website at where people can find out more about activities available and use their postcode finder to discover sports activities near them. Get Inspired is being promoted by the BBC on television, radio and online. 

‘Get Inspired’ is promoted throughout the BBC's TV & Radio programmes and the BBC Sport website, and into other areas of the BBC such as CBBC and Radio 1.

The BBC is looking for well-run events which offer people interested in returning to sports they once played, or those newly-motivated by their calls to action, a high-quality experience which will inspire them to come back for more.  If your club has activities that you want to promote you can become an Activity Maker. If you host a regular event or have a series of events that people can get involved in you can easily add repeat dates.

You can sign up to be a partner and get your activities in front of our millions of viewers, listeners and website users. Please read the project guide which is available for downloading below and register at

If you are signed up to the Sport Tasters scheme the BBC ran through Things To Do ( during the 2012 Olympics, you are already signed up as a partner. This means that you can log in to your account using the same passcode and can add activities to the ‘Get Inspired’ project. But please check the new project guide for how the scheme has changed and details on new types of activities we wish you to include.

Please note that Get Inspired is a BBC project and is therefore operated by the BBC. It is separate to England Athletics club listing at But we believe that Get Inspired gives athletics clubs a valuable opportunity to reach new people and promote the important work that they are doing. If you have any specific queries about Get Inspired you can contact

England Athletics is working with the BBC to help make the process of affiliated clubs adding events as smooth as possible. BBC Things To Do carry out checks on event providers, including on whether sports clubs are affiliated for the Get Inspired listings. England Athletics is working with the BBC to provide them with confirmation that clubs are affiliated and other administrative support to reduce the information and evidencing our clubs need to produce. We trust this will minimise the occasions on which the BBC Things To Do team will have to contact clubs for further information before their events can be added.