My Donate

My Donate

Are you a registered Charity or CASC? Do you need extra support or more cash?

England Athletics, BT and your club

Thanks to the unique relationship that England Athletics has with BT we are pleased to offer this exclusive support package:

1 Support for fundraising – MyDonate
Reclaim tax on your donations through Gift Aid* but with no hassle, online support and no upfront fee, no monthly fee and no commission or admin fee.

2 Sharing our skills
Matching BT staff and skills to support and develop your club on a tailored 1-1 basis through BT Troubleshooter or BT Community Challenge

3 Providing technology
Access to communications such as telephone packages or your own club website all at low or no cost!

*How does Gift Aid work?

A registered CASC or Charity can reclaim up to 25p tax in every £1 donated to the organisation. So if someone donates £100 to your club you could claim back a further £25! Sign up here

For further information or support simply contact your local Club and Coach Support Officer (CCSO) or check out the following website for further information: