EduCare material

EduCare material

UKA are working with England Athletics in Partnership with EduCare. There are three main programmes, all of which you can buy online from the EduCare website.  You can read more below and by following the links or click direct on a link or the programme image to go straight to the online ordering page. 

You can get a special discount through England Athletics; the discount code to use is ATHLETICS11 and this enables you to buy copies for £12 (+VAT) each (less than half price!).

The programmes are as follows:

Child Protection doc cover

Child Protection in Sport and Active Leisure

This EduCare programme is for anyone who comes into contact with children, young people and their parents or carers through their work or volunteer activity in a sports or active leisure setting. It provides an excellent introduction to safeguarding children and young people and will help you to recognise the early warning signs of possible abuse and provides guidance on what can be done to prevent children and young people suffering from abuse.

This programme comprehensively covers:

  • what forms child abuse can take and the effects it can have
  • signs that may mean a child is suffering abuse and how to respond if a child confides in you
  • processes for reporting abuse
  • the child protection system
  • good practice guidelines.

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Preventing Bullying doc cover

Preventing Bullying

This programme on recognising and preventing bullying behaviour, endorsed by experts at Bullying UK and Family Lives, covers what bullying is, who is affected by bullying, the part technology can play, the damaging physical and emotional effects and the actions you can take to tackle it in your organisation or setting.

This programme’s four modules comprehensively cover:

  • what bullying is, including the five key components of bullying behaviour
  • who is affected by bullying, as there are some groups of people who are likely to be more affected than others
  • the part that technology can play in bullying behaviour
  • how to recognise a child who may be being bullied and the damaging physical and emotional effects
  • the actions you can take to tackle bullying in your organisation or setting.

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Safeguarding Adults doc cover

Safeguarding Adults

Safeguarding Adults, endorsed by Remploy and the Association of Chief Police Officers, provides the key information needed to help safeguard adults at risk. The four concise learning modules cover the basics of abuse, how to recognise situations where abuse might occur, the signs of abuse, the importance of taking action, and good practice guidelines.

The programme comprises four modules and four questionnaires, and covers:

  • adult abuse and its effects
  • who may be at risk of abuse
  • who abuses and why
  • how to respond if someone confides in you
  • the importance of acting on your suspicions or a disclosure
  • how to record your concerns
  • the reporting process
  • good practice guidelines
  • organisational and individual responsibilities including a personal code of conduct.

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