Clubmark Templates

Clubmark Templates

Below are a number of club accreditation resources and templates that you can use:

How to make the most of Club Accreditation 

A document with advice on how to maximise the benefit of club accreditation.  Click here to download

Clubmark accreditation templates that can be used by clubs

Template 1: Welcome Pack

The Welcome pack includes:
1. Code of Conduct for Athletics Clubs;
2. Code of Conduct for Coaches;
3. Code of Conduct for Technical Officials;
4. Code of Conduct for Athletes;
5. Code of Conduct for parents/people with parental responsibility;
6. Code of Conduct for Team Managers;
7. Code of Conduct for Contractors, Employees, Volunteers or Track Managers;
8. Code of Conduct for medical officers, physiotherapists, masseurs;
9. Club Welfare Officer Details;

Template 2: Coaches Details

Template 3: Facility Health Check

Template 4: Individual Coach Risk Register

Template 5: Guidelines for dealing with accident-incident

Template 6: Incident - accident report form

Template 7: Application Form

Template 8: Constitution/ Rules of club
(Remember that you can access Legal advice with Muckle LLP if you have any specific queries relating to these documents):

Template 9: Development Plan

Template 10: Junior Coordinator Job Description

Template 11: School or Youth Group to Club Link

Inclusive Club Health Check - Disability Athletics (PDF)

Inclusive Club Health Check - Disability Athletics (DOC)