Clubmark Templates

Clubmark Templates

Below are a number of club accreditation resources and templates that you can use:

How to make the most of Club Accreditation 

A document with advice on how to maximise the benefit of club accreditation.  Click here to download

Clubmark accreditation templates that can be used by clubs

Template 1: Welcome Pack

The Welcome pack includes:
1. Code of Conduct for Athletics Clubs;
2. Code of Conduct for Coaches;
3. Code of Conduct for Technical Officials;
4. Code of Conduct for Athletes;
5. Code of Conduct for parents/people with parental responsibility;
6. Code of Conduct for Team Managers;
7. Code of Conduct for Contractors, Employees, Volunteers or Track Managers;
8. Code of Conduct for medical officers, physiotherapists, masseurs;
9. Club Welfare Officer Details;

Template 2: Coaches Details

Template 3: Facility Health Check

Template 4: Individual Coach Risk Register

Template 5: Guidelines for dealing with accident-incident

Template 6: Incident - accident report form

Template 7: Application Form

Template 8: Constitution/ Rules of club
We are currently reviewing the documentation and resources under this section. For any advice or guidance please utilise the free legal advice through Muckle LLP or visit the Club Matters website for more information on club rules and constitutions.
Template 9: Development Plan

Template 10: Junior Coordinator Job Description

Template 11: School or Youth Group to Club Link

Inclusive Club Health Check - Disability Athletics (PDF)

Inclusive Club Health Check - Disability Athletics (DOC)