English Schools' Athletic Association

English Schools' Athletic Association

ESAA shield only squareEngland Athletics supports the work of the English Schools' Athletic Association (ESAA). The ESAA is an independent organisation which aims to promote the enjoyment of athletics in schools and encourage the development and discovery of athletic talent. 

England Athletics works with the ESAA to grow participation in athletics in both the primary and secondary schools sector across the country by promoting our single awards scheme, short format competition models and curriculum teaching resources (see our schools pages at www.englandathletics.org/schools for more details)

ESAA Awards

An ESAA Awards scheme covering both primary and secondary schools is being run by the English Schools’ Athletic Association and supported by England Athletics and British Athletics.

There are separate schemes, one for Primary Schools and one for Secondary Schools and both have seen previous Awards Schemes updated. This has included the introduction of new online functionality to make the Awards scheme easier for teachers to administer. Both schemes are based on outdoor activities. For Primary Schools there are five levels of One, Two, Bronze, Silver, Gold. For Secondary Schools there are three levels of Bronze, Silver, Gold.

If your school has not received your pack you can contact your county coordinator, each county has a coordinator who is able to assist you their details are available at the ESAA website at www.esaa.net/v2/awards/awardsintro.php.

If you require additional packs these will also be made available via the English Schools’ website. It is also possible to download the posters for the ESAA Primary Awards Scheme here and the ESAA Secondary Awards Scheme here.

The ESAA are also encouraging schools to make the most of a new online resource. This enables teachers to manage their classes, input pupil’s performances, print out charts of pupils' performances, automatically calculate their awards, and also to then have order forms generated for the relevant badges. Orders can be placed online, by BACs, or by cheque.

More about the English Schools' AA

Below are links to more information about the ESAA, profiles of top athletes who have worked through the ESAA system and details of how you can get involved. 


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