University Charter Mark

Your time at university is a period of significant change and can prove challenging to many of you, your parents and coaches. In response to this, we have established a Charter Mark so that you can be reassured that the environment at these universities provides the highest standards of support from the time you arrive in your first year until you graduate.

By working closer with universities, England Athletics want to establish environments that help you to maintain athletics participation throughout your time at university, continue to develop, and improve performances.  We also want universities to support you if you wish to move into coaching or officiating.

Recently awarded Chartermarks

Gold – University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham offers excellent training facilities, including a new athletics track opened in 2017. In addition to the high standard of coaching across all athletic disciplines, there are also acclimatization chambers and ice baths together with the opportunity for students to train at altitude. Birmingham offers the highest level of facilities and support for throws, jumps, speed and endurance students which enables England Athletics to have full confidence in recommending it and supporting athletics at the venue.

Silver – Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett University is also able to demonstrate excellent levels of support for their students with highly qualified coaches available across a wide range of events, including its national centre for walking. It excels in endurance, speed and jumps events and England athletics already work closely with them for training camps and get togethers. Facilities are excellent throughout the university and we will be working with them through 2019 on various programmes.

Bronze – Exeter University

Exeter University has established itself as a welcoming and increasingly successful athletics environment in recent years. Accessing high quality university facilities, the university works with coaches and local clubs to provide training and competitive opportunities and its ambitions are evident in the fact that its hosting the BUCS cross country championships in 2019. The campus offers parkland for endurance running and new state of the art facilities for conditioning and indoor work.

What is the Charter Mark?

The Charter Mark is a nationally recognised badge of quality, endorsed by England Athletics, that a university can publicly use to demonstrate the quality of provision available at the institution.

There are three levels of Charter Mark available for universities; Gold, Silver and Bronze. Whilst the range of facilities, number of coaches or sports science support may differ between the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards, the Charter Mark universities must demonstrate that all the athletic disciplines are catered for and athletes are supported through excellent pastoral support, training facilities and competitive opportunities. The universities aim to support you through this crucial time in your athletics journey, to allow you to not only continue to participate whilst you study but also to improve your performance standard.

Benefits to Universities of Charter Mark

  • A nationally recognised quality mark, promoted and supported and endorsed by England Athletics.
  • A mark of accreditation for the university, to be used in marketing and recruitment.
  • An endorsement of excellence for prospective students, to help signpost them to high quality athletic environments when applying to university.
  • Being involved in the Charter Mark system will strengthen relationships between a university and England Athletics.
  • England Athletics will work closely with the university in areas such as conferences, coaching courses and staff development.

Universities with Charter Mark

The Charter Mark recognises the high standards of support being offered at these universities, including bursaries, excellent training facilities, highly qualified staff, high performance gyms, sports science support and pastoral guidance. Student athletes from all athletic events are supported and the university clubs offer a vibrant training and competitive environment.

Find out more

For more information or a copy of the Charter Mark criteria, please contact Lynne Duval, the University Coordinator at