Insta360 Brand Influencer

Leading action camera company Insta360 is looking for ambassadors/content creators in the running community to use Insta360 GO 2 – the world’s smallest action camera.

Ambassadors will receive a GO 2 for free and will use it to create exciting and engaging content which highlights how the product performs as a camera for running/runners.

Eligibility criteria

  • Regular runner
  • Aged 18 or over
  • Active on social media
  • Decent following on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Strava etc with good engagement on content
  • Passion or interest for creating content / capturing photos and videos

What you will be required to do

  • Ambassadors will regularly share content shot on GO 2. Content can cover any/all aspects of life as an athlete, with a key objective being to show how the product can be used as a camera for running/runners.
  • Attend an onboarding session hosted by Insta360 via an online webinar.
  • Minimum quarterly contact with an Insta360 representative.
  • Use hashtag #Go2 in all your posts and tag @Insta360 in posts.
  • Allow Insta360 all rights to re-purpose content and refer to you as an Insta360 Ambassador/Content Creator.
  • Minimum commitment of six months.

What you will receive in return

  • Each ambassador will get a free Insta360 GO 2 worth £294.99.
  • Potential exposure to a community of users across the globe including over 1.1 million Instagram followers.
  • Support from an Insta360 representative.

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