England Athletics Regional Council Elections

This year’s nominations for our Regional Councils closed on 28 February 2019. We are pleased to announce that due to the number of nominations received there will be ballots required for positions on the following Regional Councils:

  • Yorkshire & Humberside
  • West Midlands
  • East

The candidates involved in these ballots have been informed in relation to the ballot process and the relevant information will be sent out to clubs in these regions shortly.

We would also like to announce the election of the following candidates whose nominations will see them added to the regional councils from April. These candidates have been elected unopposed to the following Regional Councils:

  • North East
    • Christopher Mole
  • North West
    • Glenn Piper
    • Jon Clarke
  • East Midlands
    • Peter Fendley
    • Debbie Smith
  • South West
    • David Cooke
    • John Deaton
    • Paul D’Arcy
    • Richard Lewellyn-Eaton
    • Sonya Ellis
  • London
    • Adrian Day
    • David Clarke
    • Nadia Williams
    • Tony Ganio
  • South East
    • Julian Starkey
    • Tom Easten

In those regions where a ballot is required, ballot papers will be sent to clubs with voting closing on 3rd April 2019. Each affiliated club is entitled to vote in a ballot held in its region. An announcement on the successful candidates will be made on 5th April 2019.

The first Regional Council meetings following the nomination and ballots process will take place in April 2019 as follows:

Regional Council MeetingAssociated National Council DateAssociated EA Board Date
w/c 3 February 202026 February 202026 March 2020
w/c 27 April 202013 May 202021 May 2020
w/c 3 August 202026 August 202010 September 2020
w/c 2 November 202025 November 202019 November 2020