Regional Council Elections 2023

We, along with the wider athletics and running community, are gearing up for the regional council elections in 2023. From now until the election process ends in April next year, this page will aim to keep you updated on all the latest news and help explain how it all works.

Video: Adrian Day, chair of the London Regional Council, explains the importance of ensuring representation across the governance structures of athletics at grassroots level. Watch on YouTube.

What are the elections in 2023 for?

The regional council elections, which start on 23 January 2023, decide who will represent the views of the sport at the grassroots.

It takes diversity of thought, culture and perspective for athletics to become a more inclusive sport where everyone belongs and can flourish, so we actively encourage nominations from candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds.

In total, across the nine England Athletics’ regions there are 36 seats up for election.

Regional Council Elections 2023. Map with number of vacant positions per region: North East (3), North West (3), West Midlands (5), South West (5), Yorkshire and Humberside (4), East Midlands (4), East (4), London (4), South East (4)

How does the election process work?

Anyone wishing to stand as a regional councillor in one of the nine regions needs to submit their nomination between January 23 and February 24.

If the number of candidates matches the number of vacant seats in a region, then those candidates will be elected automatically onto that regional council once the nomination process has ended.

If the number of candidates exceeds the number of vacant seats in a region, then it will be for affiliated clubs and members in that region to select their preferred candidate[s].

Any ballots will take place between March 6 and March 27.

Regional Council Elections 2023 Key Dates graphic. January 23rd: Start of election process: candidates submit nomination forms. February 24th: Nomination period closes. W/C March 1st: Successful nominees elected onto Regional Council OR ballot confirmed for regions with more candidates than available seats. March 6th: Start of ballot process: clubs vote for preferred candidates. W/C March 27th: Ballots close: Successful nominees elected onto Regional Council

By early April, we’ll know who has been successfully elected across all nine regional councils and, therefore, will be representing the views of grassroots sport at local and national level.