Portfolio resources

Portfolio resources

The aim of the information on this page is to assist Regional Portfolio holders to operate effectively. It also gives people who are considering becoming regional Councillors some idea of what is involved.

The papers that can be accessed here cover Regional Councillors’ general responsibilities, the specific “Job” descriptions around their role as Portfolio holders and how we would like them to report. The idea is to have everyone operating within a similar framework which we believe allows us to capture the information needed to act on behalf of the volunteers in a consistent way.

We would stress that Portfolio holders are volunteers and all of these papers are intended as guidelines and mainly to help you know what to do. We want Regional Councillors to know that their input is being used. But we do not want them to feel like they have another full-time job in athletics.

As a sport we are stronger if we can support our actions by having evidence that they reflect the views of the grass roots. So regular contact with the sport and a flow of feedback strengthen us greatly.

You can download the templates and role descriptions associated with the work of the England Athletics Council Portfolio Holders below: