Officials - North East

Officials - North East

This page is for your point of contact with the elected Regional Council system covering Officials' matters. It is set up to allow you to know who is responsible for this subject area (which we call a Portfolio) in the North West. We intend to increase the content of the page once the system is fully up and running with content like news items relevant to the portfolio either in the region or more widely and details of the matters you seem most concerned with from your feedback. The regional councillor heading up the officials' portfolio in the North West is profiled below.

Getting in touch

To contact your portfolio holder simply email

Christopher Betts

Chris Betts has been active in the North East for many years and is joint track and field County Officials Secretary along with Matt Davison, and also Archie Jenkins  who has the Endurance portfolio. Chris is also the North East Counties track and field sub-committee chairman, and helps organise the country track and field championships, along with the Open pentathlon meetings, all both indoor and outdoor.

He is an elected member of the North East Regional Council and portfolio holder for officials.

There are always courses organised at Gateshead College in November for track and field (starting, marksman, track judge, timekeeper, field judge, photofinish) and endurance, the local tutors for these courses often go to the TriRegional Group where they appoint local officials for the North of England championships, and make recommendations for national appointments. The tutors are also used by the County to make recommendations for senior appointments at the County and other events.