2013 Consultation

2013 Consultation

England Athletics made a commitment at the end of 2012 to ensuring we increased our consultation with clubs and people within the sport. Following on from what was raised at the events in 2012 our 2013 consultation focused on two subjects:

  • Affiliation – including pricing and processes
  • Governance – including how we work to ensure democratic processes for England Athletics work effectively

Important information on changes in our sport
Earlier this year England Athletics carried out a major consultation focusing on Affiliation and Governance which included 10 events as well as an online survey.

As a result of the findings the following has been agreed by the Board of England Athletics for the 2014/15 Affiliation Year (which starts 1 April 2014):

  • Athlete registration fee will be held at £10
  • Club and organisation affiliation fee will be £75
  • Athlete registration will continue to be through affiliated clubs
  • No change will be made to the road race licence fee schedule for event providers

With regards to Governance, as a result of the views expressed through the 2013 consultation, proposals for amendments to the England Athletics Articles of Association will be taken to the 2013 AGM. These proposals will include two positions on the England Athletics Board being created with a process of election by clubs and member organisations. Please note that these seats are in addition to the two seats on the England Athletics Board that are currently allocated to representatives of the National Council. We are currently working to establish the precise wording of the amendments to be proposed to ensure they are legally sound and fulfil their intended purpose. The proposed changes to the Articles of Association will be subject to a vote by members (clubs and affiliated organisations) at the AGM on 5 October.

A desire was expressed for on-going consultation and improved communication. Therefore we will carry out further consultation in Spring 2014. We will work with and through our Regional Councils and continue to consider the views expressed this year. A ‘whole council conference’ involving all our Regional Councils will take place in October as we seek to raise the profile and effectiveness of the council structure. These measures are part of wider work we are undertaking to improve communication.

The changes to planned club affiliation and athlete registration fees mean that there will be a shortfall on the previously planned budget for 2014-15. This presents a challenge and difficult decisions will need to be made. We will take into account views expressed through the 2013 consultation and then those expressed at the Spring 2014 events as we work to continue to deliver the sport the best possible service.

We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to feed in their views through the consultation process whether through one of the meetings or the online consultation.

We are very grateful for the valuable contribution made by members of our nine Regional Councils and National Council throughout this year’s consultation process.

Aside from our formal consultation processes we are always pleased to hear the views and feedback of people within the sport. Please see www.englandathletics.org/my-area and your local ‘About us’ section for details of staff and Regional Councillors where you are.

On behalf of the Board of England Athletics

Additional Information

An 'additional information' document associated with the statement on the England Athletics 2013 Consultation and subsequent action is available for download by clicking here.

You can also access more information at 2013 Consultation Details by clicking here. This includes:

  • Final Consultation Report (including key recommendations) by the Consultation Manager, Dean Hardman
  • Notes on all the Consultation events
  • Findings of the online consultation
  • Background reading information issued prior to consultations
  • Key related questions put forward for discussion at events

Stay informed & give your views

If you are an athlete, coach or volunteer who has been registered with England Athletics by your club please use the portal at www.englandathletics.org/editmyprofile to ensure your details, in particular your email address, are up to date and that you are opted in to receive ‘news and information’ from us. This will help us to let you know about opportunities to give your views.