#runandtalk is an England Athletics campaign supported by Mind, the Mental Health charity, to improve mental wellbeing through running by:

  • getting people talking about mental health, sharing their experiences and removing stigma
  • raising awareness of mental health problems
  • supporting people experiencing mental health problems to start, return to and continue running

Twice a year we’re asking people to get out for a jog or run with friends, family or colleagues and have a chat to support Time to Talk Day and World Mental Health Day.  World Mental Health Day will take place on 10 October 2017.  Click here to find out more about #runandtalk


World Mental Health Day & #RunAndTalk

The next #runandtalk events will be held between Friday 6th October and Friday 13th October (World Mental Health Day is on Tuesday 10th October).

England Athletics Clubs and RunTogether Groups are encouraged to set up a #runandtalk Organised Run.  Below is some useful information to help you set up a #runandtalk Organised Run.

#runandtalk organised runs can only be organised an England Athletics partner, affiliated club or RunTogether Group. They MUST be led by a UKA qualified leader or coach. Other people can organise their own runs (a group of friends, colleagues, family members, etc) - they just won’t be listed on the event page list of organised runs for the general public to join.

Organising a #runandtalk run

  • Runs can be a regular club or group run or something additional to your usual activity.
  • Runs must take place between Friday 6th October and Friday 13th October (World Mental Health Day is on Tuesday 10th  October; click here to find out more)
  • Runs must be at least 1 mile long but otherwise can be any distance of your choice.
  • Runs can include routes with various distances (e.g. a 1 mile run and a 5 mile run).
  • Runs can include walking, jogging and/or running.
  • We encourage organised runs to include a social element afterwards so runners can keep on talking and to let new runners know more about your club or group and encourage them to run regularly.
  • Clubs/groups can specify age restrictions of their choice but the minimum age must be 12 years (accompanied by a parent or guardian) or 16 years (unaccompanied).
  • Organised runs should be open to anyone including people that are not a member of your club or group. They should be suitable for all abilities to take part including new runners.
  • To organise a run simply click here to register the information.
  • Organised runs can be registered from 12th - 26th September. Registered runs will be promoted here via the Facebook event page from Tuesday 19th September.
  • A download of #runandtalk events currently organised for October 2017 can be viewed on the right (below if on mobile device). Or click here to download a list of #RunAndTalk events.


  • Registered organised runs will be provided with a template promotional poster and template press release to promote their runs (optional).
  • Please use #runandtalk on social media when promoting your run(s).


To register a run please visit https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/runandtalk