Coaches and leaders lie at the very heart of athletics and running. They inspire, support and work to develop athletes across all events, ability levels, aspirations, and ages. When we help our coaches to be the best they can be the whole sport benefits. As a sport our coaches are also one of the best resources we have for developing each other. Bringing coaches together to share their ideas and experience is one of the best ways to support coaches and see them develop,

The support and development of coaches and leaders is a fundamental part of the work of England Athletics.

We have three fundamental pillars upon which we look to work develop our coaches:

1 - Coaching qualifications

Formal courses that lead towards UKA coaching qualifications – click here to read more about coaching qualifications.

2 - CPD Opportunities

A developing programme of opportunities that are consistent across the country to help coaches improve, and also share their expertise with others – click here to learn more about CPD Opportunities. (We are developing this programme and will roll out workshops as they become available.)

3 - Tailored Development Opportunities

 – These are similar to the CPD Opportunities but are more flexible in their content which may be drawn up to specifically respond to identified requirements of a group of coaches. These could be tailored to suit people based on an event group, geographic or any other basis. Click here to learn more about Tailored Development Opportunities

National and Local Coach Development Programmes

Our National and Local Coach Development Programmes aim to provide more tailored activities around the needs of coaches but also work to a clear structure with the aim of giving coaches knowledge, skills and practical experience to develop their coaching. Many of the opportunities created as part of the National and Local Coach Development Programmes form part of our CPD Opportunities, and Tailored Development Opportunities. This includes event group networking opportunities. You can find out more about the National and Local Coach Development Programmes here.

Feeding back on our work with coaches

Information about different aspects of England Athletics work with coaches is available throughout this section. If you have feedback or comments about England Athletics' work with coaches you wish to feedback you can do so via the staff identified as leading on the specific area of work. You can also feed back views through your council portfolio holder for coaching. The details for these people are available at at